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Aqua Blaster: new fire hose management harness hits the market

November 25, 2019  By Fire Fighting in Canada Staff

Nov. 25, 2019, Toronto –  The Aqua Blaster is a fire hose harness designed by Kblock Tools that takes a new perspective on the world of fire hose management. The harness sits over the user’s shoulders and is designed to distribute the force of the hose’s water pressure evenly among the upper body.

The Aqua Blaster controls flow through two 90 degree elbow swivels that are mounted on the lower abdomen plate of the harness’ frame. Fire hoses can connect to the harness through an adapter on one of the elbow swivels. The other elbow swivel directs flow through a nozzle located at the front of the harness. This nozzle’s 360 rotation capacity allows the user to direct the stream in all directions. The nozzle is equipped with a locking device to hold the charged or uncharged nozzle at any desired angle. In the locked position the nozzle will remain stationary even if the user removes his/her hands.

The harness is constructed to accommodate existing fire hoses and nozzles, and is compatible with water, foam concentrates, gels and dry chemicals.


The Aqua Blaster is set to be released in January 2020 and will be distributed by Chief Corporation, L.N. Curtis & Sons, MES Fire and W.S. Darley Fire Equipment.

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