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Bullard introduces online training

ticnpDec. 16, 2008 - Bullard is introducing an online training program for fire service and law enforcement professionals. Bullard Smartline, the new Bullard online training tool takes users through six lessons that explain thermal imaging technology and how to interpret images using a thermal imager.

December 16, 2008
By Carey Fredericks

The training covers the complete line of Bullard Thermal Imagers for fire service and law enforcement including the T4, T3Max, T320, T3XT and the TacSight SE35 and S2.
The six lessons take participants step-by-step through:
•        Thermal imaging technology
•        Operating a thermal imager
•        Applications of a thermal imager
•        Optional accessories for your thermal imager
•        Care and maintenance of your thermal imager
•        Self-assessment test
Following each lesson is a true or false exercise that lets the user know how well he/she is doing before taking the final assessment at the end of the training. After successfully passing the final assessment, a certificate of completion is awarded to the user. This training will be provided on CD with every Bullard Thermal Imager sold beginning in January 2009. This allows customers the option of accessing the training online or through CD. The online training can be accessed by visiting .