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CFFF monument dedication and memorial

Photos by Laura King.

September 10, 2012 
By Carey Fredericks

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Ottawa Fire Chief John DeHooge.  

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  Chris from Smokey Lake, Alta.

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Windsor, N.S., Fire Chief Scott Burgess.  

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Lunenburg, N.S., Fire Chief Donnie Parks. Parade to monument site at LeBreton Flats, under sunny skies, with Parliament Hill in the background.

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The colour guard.  

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Pipes and drums lead the procession.  

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  The headdress party outside the
monument site.

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CAFC president Rob Simonds.  

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CFFF president Robert Kirkpatrick
with Gov. Gen. David Johnston as he enters the monument site.

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  The parade of more than 1,000
firefighters and fire officers.

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six-metre statue of a firefighter, pointing to the wall of names. The
statue is made of brass couplings donated by fire departments from
across Canada.

534279_3188197883575_164443970_n  262897_3188195443514_936132458_n
Fire Services Deputy Chief
Debbie Higgins, a member of the
party for the 2012 Canadian Firefighters Memorial dedication ceremony.

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  Edmonton Fire Chief Ken Block in the march past to close the monument dedication and memorial service on Sunday.

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Landscape architect Mary Tremain, who with Douglas Copeland designed the site of the CFFF firefighter monument. Ontario Fire Marshal Ted Wieclawek, representing the Canadian Council of Fire Marshals and Fire Commissioners, is introduced.

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Port Colborne, Ont., Fire Chief Tom Cartwright, at the memorial wall. Monument designer and artist/author Douglas Copeland, with the wall of names in the background.

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CAFC president Rob Simonds is introduced during the opening of the monument decimation and memorial service. Master of Ceremonies Mike McKenna, CFFF second vice-president, opens the dedication ceremony and memorial service.

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Gov. Gen. David Johnston addresses the hundreds of family members of those whose names are etched on the wall of remembrance.  IAFF
representative Scott Marks with the widow of Acting Capt. David Gray of
Toronto Fire Services, as she prepares to receive a memorial helmet and

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Gov. Gen. David Johnston places a helmet representing those who died in the line of duty. Daniel Botkin's friends wear pink ties in honour of their fallen brother. 

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Botkin, widow of Enderby, B.C., Capt. Dan Botkin, and Dan's father Doug Botkin; Botkin died in an explosion on Dec. 29, 2011 while doing
overhaul at a fire scene.
family of North Perth (Listowell) firefighter Ray Walter and North
Perth Fire Chief Ed Smith prepare to receive the memorial helmet and

304675_3188199003603_1766517387_n 260144_3188199123606_1537110470_n
  The family of North Perth (Listowell) Deputy District Chief Kenneth Rea.

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The family of LaSalle, Ont., Fire Chief Ken Day, who died of work-related illness in July 2011 at just 47
family of Kitchener, Ont., firefighter Capt. Bill Duncan, who died on
March 25, 2011, of word-related illness, accepts a ceremonial helmet in
his memory.

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family of Markham, Ont., firefighter Larry Pilkey, who died of a
work-related illness in 2011, receives the memorial helmet, with Markham
Fire Chief Bill Snowball.

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Gen. David Johnston walks along
the memorial wall with Godron Lepper

(centre), great grandson of volunteer
firefighter Frederick Lepper of
who died in 1858, CFFF director Carey
Taylor (right), son of
Fire Chief Royden
Taylor who died in Caronport, Sask., in
2008, and
19-year-old Sarah Thibert,
daughter of station chief Robert Thibert
Chatham, Ont., who died in 2009.

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