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Control bleeding with BloodSTOP

bloodstop1Nov. 22, 2011 – BloodSTOP works to control blood loss much faster than traditional methods and is easily washed off with water as the wound begins to heal. Once this 100-per-cent natural hemostatic agent is placed on a wound, it reacts with blood and other body fluids to form a gel that seals the wound and remains until it heals.

Originally developed for use in surgery, BloodSTOP can now be found in emergency responders' first-aid kits, hospital emergency rooms, military field applications and more. Using a proprietary method, cotton cellulose is etherized and oxidized creating a highly absorbent, water-soluble matrix; it is a non-irritating, environmentally friendly and cost effective method for treating many different wounds. Since there are no adhesives used there is no discomfort or disruption of wound surfaces caused by the removal of bandaging materials.

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November 22, 2011  By Fire Fighting in Canada

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