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DQE introduces decon station and shower

watchroom-equipment_decon_stationMarch 6, 2008 

Following a hazmat incident, thoroughly decontaminating responder gear can be a tedious and awkward task. The Equipment Decon Station provides a practical solution by moving the decon process from the ground up to a comfortable working height. 

March 6, 2008  By DQE

The Equipment Decon Station is a non-porous table that allows water to pass through to a collection pool. The table has a 2 x 4-foot surface at a working height of 36 inches. The station includes the table, detachable legs, three brushes in various sizes
and an adjustable hand-held sprayer.   

watchroom-indestructo_decon_showerThe Indestructo Decon Shower is highly break resistant and is designed to hold up to the most rugged conditions, including field and military response. 

The Indestructo is constructed of the lightest, strongest, most break-resistant pipes and fittings on the market, with specially designed shower heads used.

The shower assembles quickly and is fully collapsible for quick storage. The four shower heads have a total output of 12 gpm. Two wind screens reduce overspray and enhance privacy. 


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