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New report turns to nature to limit flooding in Canada

The need to limit flood risk in Canada is urgent, with approximately 1.5 million homes in high-risk zones where they are ineligible for flood insurance, reports the University of Waterloo’s Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation. A new report authored by the centre provides practical guidance for federal, provincial, local, and Indigenous governments to tackle river flooding using cost-effective solutions found in nature.

Canada’s longest serving firefighter dies after more than 70 years on the job

Members of the Lamont Fire Department are remembering Bob Mitchell, the longest serving firefighter in Canada, who died in April. Mitchell began working as a volunteer firefighter when he was 18 and was with the Lamont fire service for 71 years.

SPSA invests in water bomber to help fight wildfires

A new water-scooping air tanker has arrived in Saskatchewan, just in time for wildfire season. The Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA) has invested in a CL-215T air tanker to provide a stronger wildfire response in the province. The CL-215T will replace the obsolete CL-215 in the SPSA’s aerial wildfire suppression fleet. The new tanker will join a fleet of air tankers and bird-dog planes as part of its wildfire and grassfire fire response program.

Coquitlam opens new fire training centre

Coquitlam Fire/Rescue Services has integrated its new modern training centre, which replaces their previous 30-year-old facility, into their regime. The facility officially opened in the fall of 2022. Located at Town Centre Firehall, the new centre provides expanded skills training and evaluation capacity, including live fire training. The facility also offers the city new revenue opportunities from rentals, as well as infrastructure to support more fire trucks.


Optimize, Enhance, & Simplify Workflow Management to Ensure Safety

CityReporter is an innovative management, inspection, and tracking software that increases efficiency and accuracy while reducing risk exposures for fire departments and communities across North America. By modernizing workflows, CityReporter’s solutions provide fire departments and code enforcement personnel with the tools to meet their code-based inspection requirements, plan for equipment replacements, and view locations and assets on a map. The information and data collected can be easily reported and utilized for Fire Prevention and Emergency Planning needs. » Learn more

Drivers…don’t start your engines!

Electric vehicles are the clean future of transportation, or their very production is dirtier than the emissions they’re designed to eliminate…who do you believe? Well, I’m a “booster tank is half full” type of person, so I choose to follow the technology and believe everything we do gets us one step closer to cleaning up the services we provide. By Rob Anselmi » Read More...

Trainer's Corner: An eye-opener of a night

In early 2019 I prepared a practice night that I thought would drastically change how we did things in our department. I had no idea how on point this training would be looking back through the fog of the pandemic years. It was one of those shock and awe lessons that left firefighters standing jaws agape asking, “what just happened?” By Ed Brouwer » Read More...

New title explores the critical tenants of leadership, duty and accountability

Command Presence is a must-read book is about hard calls and hard fights; hard wins, and hard losses with lessons that you can apply to your leadership style.

"Frank offers great insight and wisdom on leadership shared through stories of his career and life successes and failures, highs and lows, with easy-to-read yet profound examples and lessons in self-accountability, self-responsibility, and action that can be applied to your leadership style." — Alex A. Rivera MPA, CFO, CTO Fire Chief, West Point U.S. Military Academy

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In Case You Missed It 

Firelines: Resilience and firefighter culture

A vital personal quality, within our personal and fire fighting lives, is resilience. I personally learned its value through a recent period of challenge, change and growth. Resilience has proven to be a quality that does not simply appear in one’s life without hard work. By Dave Balding » Read more...

Leadership Forum: Knowing when to stay silent and when to speak

A leader does not have to speak all the time to show their leadership abilities. Leadership can be demonstrated just as effectively by staying silent and knowing when to speak your point. By Chris Harrow » Read more...


Today’s recruits, connecting with the frontline, and learning from each other

Toronto’s Fire Chief Matthew Pegg joins Fire Fighting in Canada: The Podcast to talk about the department’s latest recruitment; the qualifications, courage and motivation of today’s candidates; the importance of connecting with and supporting your members, and why large fire services can and do learn from small departments. » Listen now...


BC Fire Training Officers Association Conference

Date: May 13-18, 2023
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
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AFCA Conference and Trade Show

Date: May 28-31, 2023
Location: Edmonton, Alta.
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MAFC Conference and Trade Show

Date: June 1-3, 2023
Location: Steinbach, Man.
» Learn more