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Editor's Note 
A new study on health claims and firefighter injuries and deaths shows no abatement in cancer or mental health as top areas of concern. Much has been done to improve firefighter safety and supports, but looks like the work here is far from over.
- Laura Aiken, Editor, Fire Fighting in Canada

Research comes to the rescue to make firefighters’ clothing safer

A pair of new University of Alberta studies show how to make firefighters’ clothing safer to wear, maintain and manufacture.

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Can Your RMS Do This? How to Pick the Software That's Right for Your Agency

Discover seven key factors to ensure you have selected the right fire department software solution to keep your crew safe, prepared, and effective.

Ryan Schell named first Canadian recipient of the Bringing Safety Home award

Chief Fire Prevention Officer Ryan Schell from the Central York Fire Service in Ontario has been selected as the first Canadian recipient of the Bringing Safety Home award presented the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Fire Sprinkler Initiative and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC).

Victoria receives their first electric fire truck

The city of Victoria’s first electric fire truck has rolled into its new home at the fire department headquarters.


Firefighter cancer on the rise

Cancer continues to be the biggest killer of Canadian firefighters while mental health issues are spiking upwards, according to a new study of health insurance claims. » Read More...

Camp Molly inspiring young women to join the fire service

Camp Molly has expanded its presence across Canada, now offering its four-day free experience for women and non-binary youth to explore a career in the fire service in 10 different cities. » Read More...
In Case You Missed It 

What is resilience?

What is resilience? At first glance, resilience seems to be a fairly straightforward concept, but psychotherapist Nick Halmasy had a strong suspicion otherwise. Here, he looks at defining a prevalent but elusive term in mental health. » Read More...

Success storeys

Trapped for hours, hanging 10 storeys off the side of a tower amongst the bustle of a busy downtown intersection – what might sound like a climax from the latest blockbuster thriller was, for the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services (VFRS) team, an opportunity to successfully put their skills to the test. » Read More...


Not your average “driver training” textbook

Drive to Survive: The Art of Wheeling the Rig provides an in-depth examination of fire apparatus vehicle dynamics. This is not your average "driver training" textbook. Fire apparatus operators must understand how a vehicle maneuvers at roadway speed, and more importantly...why does it crash? Just as a doctor cannot heal the human body without a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology, an emergency vehicle operator cannot safely drive a fire apparatus without an in-depth knowledge of vehicle dynamics. Drive to Survive fills in the gaps between vehicle dynamics and crash causation.

» Order your copy now

Family, change, and wellness with Jennifer Grigg

On the latest edition of Fire Fighting in Canada: The Podcast, Jason Brolund, fire chief for West Kelowna Fire Rescue, which provides services for the city of West Kelowna and Westbank First Nations, shares his experience leading the fight against 2023’s McDougall Creek wildfire, a fire chief’s “nightmare scenario.” The McDougall Creek fire was the largest wildfire in the history of West Kelowna and forced the evacuation of over 10,000 residents. » Listen now...


NFPA Conference & Expo 2024

Date: June 17 - 21, 2024
Location: Orlando, FL
»

Canadian Highrise Conference

Date: June 21 - 22, 2024
Location: Barrie, Ont.
»

2024 Can-Am Police-Fire Games

Date: July 15 - 21, 2024
Location: Butler County, Pa.
»