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CAFC celebrating women in the fire service

The Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC) is recognizing Canada’s 14,000 women in the fire service in honour of International Women’s Day in March. The organization’s census states that 3,000 are career firefighters and 11,000 are volunteer.

Ontario puts $113M in budget to emergency preparedness

Community organizations and municipalities in Ontario could get a piece of $110 million in funding the province has committed over three years for emergency readiness. A failure to plan is preparing to fail, the government said in the budget released last week.

Planning ahead to prevent wildfires in B.C.

Twenty communities and organizations around the Columbia Basin are increasing their capacity to prepare for and reduce the chances a wildfire will occur, spread, and cause damage. To do so, they’re receiving $2.5 million through a partnership between the province and the Columbia Basin Trust.

After tragic year, Brampton Fire plans to expand; rapid growth, illegal basements still a problem

A key focus for Brampton Fire and Emergency Services this year will be mitigating risk through education and engagement in a quickly growing community, after a grim year in which 10 community members lost their lives. Some could have been saved had functional smoke detectors been present.


Optimize, Enhance, & Simplify Workflow Management to Ensure Safety

CityReporter is an innovative management, inspection, and tracking software that increases efficiency and accuracy while reducing risk exposures for fire departments and communities across North America. By modernizing workflows, CityReporter’s solutions provide fire departments and code enforcement personnel with the tools to meet their code-based inspection requirements, plan for equipment replacements, and view locations and assets on a map. The information and data collected can be easily reported and utilized for Fire Prevention and Emergency Planning needs. » Learn more

Back to Basics: Garage fires, Part 2

In our continued look at garage fires, we are progressing to examine the fire dangers that are commonly found within garages. This danger starts with the growth of the fire within a garage.  A garage is not just dangerous based upon the contents; it's also dangerous based upon the location of the garage in contrast to the residential structure. By Mark van der Feyst » Read More...

Volunteer Vision: The importance of the interview

On a recent Fire Fighting in Canada podcast, I had a great conversation on the interview process when it comes to the career side, and it made me think about the onboarding or recruitment of firefighters when it comes to them actually signing up and wanting to be part of the team. The recruitment is done, now we need to ensure they are right for the position. So, how do you conduct an interview for a volunteer firefighter? By Tom DeSorcy » Read More...


IFSTA’s Hazardous Materials Technician, 3rd Edition, prepares emergency responders conducting technical, advanced, offensive operations during hazardous material incidents to meet the Technician level certification requirements of NFPA 470, Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Standard for Responders, 2022 Edition. This manual adds to the techniques and principles learned in IFSTA’s Hazardous Materials for First Responders, 6th Edition.

This latest edition includes a chapter titled Rescue and Recovery, an entirely new topic for this manual, written to cover a new rescue-based JPR added in the NFPA 470. » Order your copy today
In Case You Missed It 

Understanding Stoicism

In clinical practice, we are teaching “skills and tools” for individuals struggling with mental health. This, in fact, is often the preamble to selling someone on entering into therapy, isn’t it? “This is hard, and will be hard, but at the end we hope you have the skills and tools…” is the script for any structured therapy process. By Nick Halmasy » Read more...

Dry hydrants and rural water supplies

Fires in rural and suburban areas that are not served by watermains and fire hydrants present unique challenges for the fire service. Firefighters responding to a rural fire must bring their own water or have static sources available at or near the scene, that they can access for fire fighting. Without an adequate water supply, the responding firefighters will not be able to protect exposures and extinguish the fire. By Cyril Hare » Read more...


The role of a fire investigator

The easiest fire to fight is one that is prevented from happening. In this edition of Fire Fighting in Canada: The Podcast, host Tom DeSorcy is joined by Brad Davidson, retired firefighter and fire investigator from Flin Flon, Man. The two discuss how Davidson got his start in the fire service, the difference between municipal and industrial fire protection, the changes in fire behaviours and reactions, and the importance of fire investigation. » Listen now...


FDIC International

Date: April 24, 2023
Location: Indianapolis, IN
» Learn more