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Editor's Note 
Vancouver recently announced they were transitioning to PFAS free bunker gear, and now Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services in Ontario is investing as well. The PFAS issue is complex and one FFIC will explore in-depth in an upcoming edition.
- Laura Aiken, Editor, Fire Fighting in Canada

$38.4 million investment being made in Manitoba’s wildfire preparedness

Manitoba fire departments are receiving a joint investment of $38.4 million over four years from the federal and provincial government.

Sault fire service debuts new PFAS-free gear

Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services received a shipment of new bunker gear earlier this week, which amounted to way more than a simple change of wardrobe.

Plymovent hosting inaugural firefighter appreciation day

Plymovent is hosting an inaugural Firefighter Appreciation Day at its head office in Mississauga on June 14.

KPU students design tents to protect firefighters from wildfire smoke

Sophisticated tents designed by Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) students to protect firefighters from forest fire smoke are slated to be tested in fire camps in B.C. this summer, reported the university.


Back to Basics: Which flashlight is best?

Mark van der Feyst writes: Which flashlight is the best one to carry and use? This is the question that many firefighters ask and have varying opinions about – some good opinions and some not-so-good. Regardless of where you stand and which one you want to use, every firefighter needs to carry at least one flashlight, if not two of them. » Read More...

Comment: Will AI be the big game changer?

Laura Aiken writes: The human race has a long history of using technology to its advantage and demise. There is nothing homeo-sapiens-made without its dark side. We invented wheels, a crucial mechanism in our modernization; wheels some of us also use to run one another over in. We split atoms like the smarty-pants mammals we are…and look how that turned out. » Read More...
New Products 

Nightstick releases Intrant Duo Turbo angle light

Nightstick released its Intrant Duo Turbo, an angle light fit with a flashlight, floodlight, and dual-light system that facilitates short- and long-range visibility. » Read More...

DENIOS unveils BatterySafe cases for safe transport of lithium-ion batteries

DENIOS U.S. introduced a line of BatterySafe cases designed specifically to transport lithium-ion batteries in accordance with international regulations. » Read More...


NEW EDITION | Emergency Rescue Shoring Techniques, 2nd Edition

The most complete and up-to-date practical resource on shoring and stabilization of emergency scenes based on the latest FEMA and USACE updates. This updated edition guides you step by step through the fundamental principles of emergency shoring operations, ensuring safe and efficient search and rescue missions in unstable environments across new shores and variations. This vital book is suitable for all firefighters, military, and construction personnel, as well as urban search and rescue teams.

» Order Your Copy

Reflecting on the McDougall Creek wildfire in West Kelowna with Fire Chief Jason Brolund

On the latest edition of Fire Fighting in Canada: The Podcast, Jason Brolund, fire chief for West Kelowna Fire Rescue, which provides services for the city of West Kelowna and Westbank First Nations, shares his experience leading the fight against 2023’s McDougall Creek wildfire, a fire chief’s “nightmare scenario.” The McDougall Creek fire was the largest wildfire in the history of West Kelowna and forced the evacuation of over 10,000 residents. » Listen now...


AFCA Conference and Trade Show 2024

Date: May 26-29, 2024
Location: Calgary BMO Centre
»

SAFC Conference and Trade Show 2024

Date: May 30 - June 01, 2024
Location: North Battleford, Sask.
»

2024 BC Fire Expo & FCABC Conference & Education Summit

Date: June 01 - 06, 2024
Location: Kamloops, B.C.
»