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A history of cuts to Alberta’s firefighting budget, explained

As the crisis unfolds during a provincial election campaign, a debate has emerged about the provincial budget for fighting wildfires, and whether past political decisions play a role in Alberta’s current crisis. On Tuesday, former members of the disbanded Wildland Firefighter Rappel Program drew attention to the UCP government’s decision to shutter that unit in 2019, saying that they could have been “difference-makers” in the current crisis.

Funerals to be held for Quebec firefighters killed during floods in Charlevoix region

Funerals for two Quebec volunteer firefighters who died earlier this month during flash floods in the Charlevoix region will be private affairs. The municipality of St-Urbain, northeast of Quebec City says the families of both Regis Lavoie, 55, and Christopher Lavoie, 23, wanted to proceed with simple services in the image of the two fallen men and did not want civic funerals.

Government of Canada releases first national-level disaster risk assessment

The rising frequency and severity of natural disasters is a growing concern. In recent years, Canadians have seen extreme weather events, like floods and wildland fires, destroy homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure, and leave lasting impacts on communities right across the country. As Canada and the world continue to experience these disasters, it is crucial to increase risk awareness across all sectors of society and to inform decision-making for reducing, preparing for, and responding to them.

Sask. firefighters learn how to prevent line-of-duty deaths

Over 25 firefighters made their way to Saskatoon for fire ground survival training to prepare them for the challenges they will face on the job. Firefighters had to make their way through an obstacle course with loose wires, a broken ceiling and small holes they had to fit through, along with other challenges.



LION’s Fire Safety Training Tools-technology that allows firefighters to train in countless locations and stage different situations to diversify your training and prepare you for any real fire situation.
LION’s ATTACK™ system name, provides FLAMES AND SMOKE where live fire isn’t possible. The ATTACK™ Digital Fire Training System allows firefighters to train, diversify and experience realistic training anywhere. LION’s Hot Line Training System is a heavy-duty fire training tool designed to handle the requirements of advanced fire suppression training. Easily add any of the modular fire training props to expand your training arsenal for a fraction of the cost. » Learn more

Spring truck clean up: Going deep

Spring has arrived! Hopefully everyone is healthy and safe and adjusting to the new post-covid world order, though some things never change, like the fact that spring is the time to have your apparatus well looked over. If you require an annual safety inspection in your province, and it is not due, spring is still the best time to go deep. By Chris Dennis » Read More...

The Big Interview

Your cover letter and resume have been submitted, online questionnaire completed, and the waiting begins for that eagerly anticipated phone call from the recruiter (not all departments use HR now). That one phone call instantly generates feelings of excitement, pride and anxiety all at the same time. But, are you ready for a face-to-face interview? The real work begins with laying the perfect foundation for proving why you are ideally suited for the role. By Monique Belair and Jennifer Delaney » Read More...

Learn how to lead fire and emergency services organizations effectively, efficiently, and safely with this resource

Establishing a strong foundation in management and leadership principles is critical to becoming an effective company officer and leader. Company Officer for Fire and Emergency Services is both a valuable resource to current company officers, and a preparation tool for aspiring ones. It provides a comprehensive overview of the roles and responsibilities of company officers within contemporary fire and emergency services organizations. The book also includes questions and projects to assist candidates in preparing for the knowledge and skills competencies outlined for Fire Officer I and Fire Officer II in NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications.

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Back to Basics: Which aerial to use?

There are many different types of aerial trucks in the fire service. All of them have an intended purpose and are designed for certain operational benefits. Within the fire service, aerial trucks are usually the biggest truck in the fleet and are admired and loved by most firefighters. Not every fire department will have a need for an aerial truck in their fleet, but they certainly can benefit from the use of one and can use mutual aid for assistance. By Mark van der Feyst » Read more...

Suicide and first responders: Part 1

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life speaking with individuals who want to die. These conversations can take place with patients in the Emergency Department at the hospital where I’m on staff but are more likely to occur when I’m on-scene with police crisis negotiators. My role as an operational forensic psychiatrist with the police is to advise the negotiators and critical incident command, but sometimes I’m asked to be the primary negotiator. By Peter Collins » Read more...


Today’s recruits, connecting with the frontline, and learning from each other

Toronto’s Fire Chief Matthew Pegg joins Fire Fighting in Canada: The Podcast to talk about the department’s latest recruitment; the qualifications, courage and motivation of today’s candidates; the importance of connecting with and supporting your members, and why large fire services can and do learn from small departments. » Listen now...


AFCA Conference and Trade Show

Date: May 28-31, 2023
Location: Edmonton, Alta.
» Learn more

MAFC Conference and Trade Show

Date: June 1-3, 2023
Location: Steinbach, Man.
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BC Fire Expo and FCABC Education Summit

Date: June 4-8, 2023
Location: Penticton, B.C.
» Learn more