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Transportation Rescue Extrication program introduced in Saskatchewan

A newly introduced program is giving volunteer firefighters in Saskatchewan the skills they need to help extract drivers from vehicles involved in crashes. A total of $5.6 million in funding was given to the Transportation Rescue Extrication (TREX) program by SGI and the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency.

First batch of first responders graduate from new Ontario First Nation fire program

A tribal council that represents five First Nations in northwestern Ontario says the first batch of local emergency medical responders has graduated from a new training program and will serve Pikangikum First Nation. The Independent First Nations Alliance says it created its own training program for emergency responders to help its communities respond to devastating fires.

London Fire Department marks 150 years of service

The London, Ont. Fire Department is marking 150 years of service on Saturday. “The London Fire Department is proud to be celebrating the milestone of serving our community,” said Acting Fire Chief Richard Hayes. “Over the years, the fire department has expanded beyond simply fighting fires.” Throughout several decades of service, Hayes said their team is committed to delivering fire prevention education progress, conducting building inspections, and fire investigations.

Iqaluit’s growing population brings emergency calls to all time high: fire chief

Iqaluit’s growing population has caused emergency calls for service to double over the past five years, and the city’s fire chief expects that number to keep rising. As a result, the fire department has had to learn to prioritize emergencies over the phone when too many calls come in at once, said Fire Chief Steve McGean.


Optimize, Enhance, & Simplify Workflow Management to Ensure Safety

CityReporter is an innovative management, inspection, and tracking software that increases efficiency and accuracy while reducing risk exposures for fire departments and communities across North America. By modernizing workflows, CityReporter’s solutions provide fire departments and code enforcement personnel with the tools to meet their code-based inspection requirements, plan for equipment replacements, and view locations and assets on a map. The information and data collected can be easily reported and utilized for Fire Prevention and Emergency Planning needs. » Learn more

Strategies and tactics for peat fires

Unlike forest and grassfires, peat fires can spread slowly for days, weeks and even months. They smoulder at a lower temperature with little flame, producing large quantities of smoke and greenhouse gasses. For suppression, they provide unique planning, logistical and operational challenges in a demanding environment. By Gavin Parker » Read More...

Back to Basics: Garage fires, Part 1

As we begin a new year, we are going to begin a new mini-series for Back to Basics. The topic of garage fires is often overlooked in terms of strategy and tactics, but their inclusion is very important.  Most residential structures will have a garage of some sort whether it is attached or detached. There are a few different factors that will dictate the type of garage that will be built for a residential building. By Mark van der Feyst » Read More...

Aspen Fuels: Better for Man, Machine & Environment. Why Fire Departments Trust it:

With Aspen, Ness Lake Fire doesn’t need to service equipment sitting all winter; a huge savings. Engines start on the first pull every time.  It has no odor so can be safely stored in the truck. Impressive.  I strongly recommend Aspen. 
Chief Percy Dergez 

Van Anda Fire switched to prevent destabilized fuel from fouling our equipment. We don’t have to drain and dispose of out-of-date fuel twice a year.
Chief Mike Craggs 

Vanderhoof Fire now has no problems with engines not starting, no fouled carbs or sparkplugs.  I promote Aspen to other departments.
Chief Ian Leslie

Find an Aspen retailer:  
Boss Lubricants: www.bosslubricants.com  or Star West Petroleum: www.swpetroleum.ca (BC)
» Learn more
In Case You Missed It 

Managing traffic flow at accident scenes

Preparing to respond to roadway calls begins long before the tones sound. With a majority of calls for service involving motor vehicle collisions, having equipment ready before arriving on-scene makes tactical sense. Logically, a priority should be the increased visibility of the responding apparatus. It was not that long ago that fire trucks lacked everything from adequate emergency lighting (think the one cherry light on the roof) to sporting any reflective decals at all. By Kirk Hughes » Read more...

Building relationships builds training opportunities

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services has created great training opportunities by fostering community connections. They say that building effective relationships with community partners means being willing to find and ask for resources from those partners. By Eric Smith » Read more...


The role of a fire investigator

The easiest fire to fight is one that is prevented from happening. In this edition of Fire Fighting in Canada: The Podcast, host Tom DeSorcy is joined by Brad Davidson, retired firefighter and fire investigator from Flin Flon, Man. The two discuss how Davidson got his start in the fire service, the difference between municipal and industrial fire protection, the changes in fire behaviours and reactions, and the importance of fire investigation. » Listen now...


FDIC International

Date: April 24, 2023
Location: Indianapolis, IN
» Learn more

OAFC 2023 Conference and Trade Show

Date: May 4, 2023
Location: Mississauga, Ont.
» Learn more

BC Fire Training Officers Association Conference

Date: May 13, 2023
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
» Learn more