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B.C. boosting data for communities

B.C. communities can look forward to high-quality data to support effective and informed decision-making on the planning and management of wildfires, landslides, floods and other natural events, the province has said. The government is investing more than $38 million in a new program over the next six years to collect light distance and ranging (LiDAR) elevation data.

Fundraiser launched for family after Burnaby firefighter and former NHL player’s sudden death

A GoFundMe has been set up for the family of 38-year-old Raymond Sawada after the Burnaby, B.C., firefighter and former NHL player died suddenly while playing hockey Monday evening. According to the post, Sawada is survived by his wife Nicole and his two daughters Victoria, 9, and Charlotte, 6.

New province-wide radio system improves communications for emergency responders in N.L.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have begun using the new province-wide radio system on the Avalon Peninsula. This system will improve the way emergency responders and government – such as the RNC, RCMP, firefighters, paramedics and other public service providers – communicate with each other during emergencies.

Massive fire destroys several $2 million houses under construction in Vaughan, Ont.

A massive fire has destroyed several million-dollar houses that are under construction in Vaughan, Ont. Approximately 20 houses in the area of Teston Road and Pine Valley Drive went up in flames Wednesday afternoon, deputy fire chief Grant Moffatt told CP24.


America’s First Electric Fire Truck is Here

Rosenbauer’s RTX Revolutionary Technology electric fire truck is revolutionizing firefighting. Every square inch is reimagined for increased safety, maneuverability, agility and power. It’s the fire truck of the future.
» Learn more here

Strategies and tactics for peat fires

Unlike forest and grassfires, peat fires can spread slowly for days, weeks and even months. They smoulder at a lower temperature with little flame, producing large quantities of smoke and greenhouse gasses. For suppression, they provide unique planning, logistical and operational challenges in a demanding environment. By Gavin Parker » Read More...

Wildland firefighting then and now

When it comes to comparing wildfires from the past and right now, what changed? Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy and Penticton Fire Chief Larry Watkinson share their unique past experiences of the ‘crazy world’ of wildfires, as well as how wildfire services have significantly evolved over time. » Listen now

Safer Tool Mounting with Ziamatic’s New Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts

Keep your tools mounted safely with Ziamatic’s new Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts. These brackets are designed to store most extrication tools available to fire departments today. Ziamatic’s new Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts are most effective when combined with one of our brackets from our Sure-Grip product line. The Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts have been rigorously tested by receiving free falling weight drops of 60 pounds over 100 times in a row to assure they will withstand the rigorous day to day use of firefighting. » Learn more
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A fiery passion: How an admiration of fire turned into a career battling it

Yvonne Meulenbroek, wildfire crew leader in Norman Wells, N.W.T., has always been intrigued by fire. As a fire spinner in her circus community, her admiration for playing with fire turned into a career battling it. Meulenbroek grew up travelling around the world; her childhood was spent trying new experiences, in new places, while being homeschooled. “It really helped me to be comfortable with changing quickly all the time. It’s a really important part of who I am and what I do.” By Kaitlin Secord » Read more...

Thermal imagers and fighting wildland fires

By now, many fire departments are conducting wildland training while government forestry agencies are gearing up for what many anticipate as being another bad year. Scientific news points to global warming as having a lot to do with climate change since some regions may experience flooding while others may suffer with drought conditions. By Manfred Kihn » Read more...


Today’s recruits, connecting with the frontline, and learning from each other

Toronto’s Fire Chief Matthew Pegg joins Fire Fighting in Canada: The Podcast to talk about the department’s latest recruitment; the qualifications, courage and motivation of today’s candidates; the importance of connecting with and supporting your members, and why large fire services can and do learn from small departments. » Listen now...


FDIC International

Date: April 24-29, 2023
Location: Indianapolis, IN
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OAFC 2023 Conference and Trade Show

Date: May 4-6, 2023
Location: Mississauga, Ont.
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BC Fire Training Officers Association Conference

Date: May 13-18, 2023
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
» Learn more