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Editor’s Picks 2016

Fire FIghting in Canada and Canadian Firefighter editor Laura King's top 10 FFIC stories from 2016.

January 4, 2017 
By Fire Fighting in Canada

Editor’s pick 2016: Keeping clean
Editor’s pick 2016: No. 10 – Soot on bunker gear used to be a badge of honour. Now, we know better. Chief Rob Grimwood details an affordable hygiene program for volunteer departments. | READ MORE

Editor’s pick 2016: Leadership Forum
Editor’s pick 2016: No. 9 – Toronto Fire Chief Matt Pegg offers sage advice in his Leadership Forum column. “The only thing worse than not getting a senior position for which you have applied is getting a senior position for which you are not adequately prepared.” | READ MORE

Editor’s Pick 2016: First Line
Editor’s pick 2016: No. 8 – Anyone can do public education, right? Wrong. Rock-star public educator Samantha Hoffmann sets us straight in her inaugural First Line column. | READ MORE


Editor’s pick 2016: Leading Edge
Editor’s pick 2016: No. 7 –  Fire chiefs in British Columbia are setting an example by leading much-needed change to ensure training, standards and service levels jibe with budgets and resources. Pitt Meadows Chief Don Jolley explains. | READ MORE

Editor’s pick 2016: Mandating fitness
Editor’s pick 2016: No. 6 – Think you can’t have a mandatory fitness program in a volunteer or composite station? Think again. | READ MORE

Editor’s pick 2016: Let’s Talk
Editor’s pick 2016: No. 5 – Fire Chief Mike Vilneff writes, often humourously, about things we don’t like to talk about  – the benefits of a detoxifying program or fear of  hernia surgery. But the column that hit home focused on work-life balance, and the  one thing fire chiefs are loath to do – say no. | READ MORE

Editor’s pick 2016: Regional Response
Editor’s pick 2016: No. 4 – Rodney Schmidt was at the training ground in Peace River, Alta., on May 4, instructing live fire, when he got a call no fire chief ever wants, let alone when he or she is out of town: there was a fire at the massive Norboard oriented strand board plant at home in High Level – 300 kilometres north – and all hands were needed. | READ MORE

Editor’s pick 2016: Trainer’s Corner
Editor’s pick 2016: No. 3 – Ed Brouwer is passionate about training, and firefighter safety. Which is why he gets a bit hot under the collar when firefighters fail his Firefighter’s Ghost mayday maze. | READ MORE

Editor’s pick 2016: Burning for research
Editor’s pick 2016: No. 2 – A barn fire in Puslinch, Ont., in which 43 racehorses perished, caused considerable anguish. So when an opportunity to learn more about the science of barn fires presented itself, Puslinch firefighters seized the moment. | READ MORE

Editor’s pick 2016: Stopbad
Editor’s pick 2016: No. 1 – Chief Gord Shreiner’s June 2016 Stopbad column was the most sought-after lesson plan in Fire Fighting in Canada this year. Read it, implement it! | READ MORE

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