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Emergency Info Plan and stickers to help first responders get medical information

September 9, 2021 
By FFIC Staff

The Emergency Info Plan was created by John Pastor after losing his wife, and is intended to help first responders gain access to medical information that could aid in onsite treatment.

The Emergency Info Plan is made of up two components, the plan and sticker.

The first step, The Plan, helps users to set up emergency alerts and their personalized medical ID on their iPhone or smart phone device. These tools can be used to help first responders get in contact with emergency contacts while on the scene, or provide important medical insight.

The second component, the Emergency Alert Sticker, outlines to first responders how to gain access to this information on the patient’s phone. These stickers are suggested to be placed on one’s phone, car or refrigerator. These stickers are designed to indicate to emergency responder’s that there is more information available to them.


The system is designed to be senior-friendly and easy-to-use.

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