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FDIC Showcase – May 2011

The Darley Stinger is a flying, remotely controlled video camera platform.

April 28, 2011 
By James Careless


■ Eyes in the sky for ICs
The Darley Stinger is a flying, remotely controlled video camera platform. Equipped with six helicopter-style propellers, this lightweight unit transmits video back to its controller and/or command post. The Stinger provides incident commanders with an overview of  a scene and gives them access to areas that are too dangerous for firefighters to approach. The Stinger can fly for between 15 and 40 minutes (depending on payload), has the ability to measure thermal and radiation data and is as easy to fly as any remotely controlled consumer helicopter. For details visit


■ Accountability in a box

Salamander Technologies’ Express Accountability Kit lets incident commanders accredit and track personnel at the scene. Packed into a rugged yellow plastic transport case, the kit comes with a laptop computer, radio frequency identification card reader and a bar-code reader.

for more information.


■ Cutters that go where you do

Hurst’s Jaws of Life’s eDRAULIC battery powered cutters, spreaders and saws offer portable cutting power for firefighters. These units run on batteries, allowing firefighters to cut through automotive steel far away from the truck. For more information visit



■ No power, no problem
When power-cutting is not an option, Ogura’s MCT-250 hand-pumped manual combi-tool serves as a cutter or spreader with a maximum cutting force of 33,024 pounds at its center and 62,947 pounds at its notch. For more information, visit .


■ Command on a budget
Rescue 42’s Vault Incident Command Post is a wheeled, steel container that has room for a mobile workstation, radio interoperability bridge, printers, chargers and any other devices that firefighters need on scene. Power comes from a built-in Honda generator. Roll the vault up to a trailer hitch, use its handle to jack it onto the hitch, then bring the wheels up – it’s a trailer box that doesn’t require a license plate. Check out for more details.


■ Cable provides path through smoke
Firefighters can get lost in dark, smoke-filled buildings. Lumiflex’s Rescue Cablelight can solve this problem. It is a glowing cable that provides rescuers with a clear, lighted path into and out of dark locations and can hold up to 480 pounds. The Rescue Cablelight is waterproof, rugged, heat resistant to 385 degrees, and can be set to a flash cycle to let responders know to evacuate the scene immediately. Visit for more information.


■ Scene lighting that’s lightweight
There are times when firefighters can’t take truck-based lights where they need them. Ventry Solutions’ Lentry system combines reliable, and lightweight Honda gasoline generators with metal frames and removable high-intensity lights. Just haul one to the scene – they can be taken apart to reduce carrying weight – set it up, and you’ve got unattended light for up to 12 hours. For more information, visit .


■ Rubber knobs make mats non-slip
Inflatable rubber mats are a great way to lift vehicles off victims, but they can slip. Savatech’s inflatable mats stay flat even when inflated. The mats have rubber knobs built into their surfaces to provide more anti-slip friction when stacked on top of each other. For details see .


■ Eyes on the fire ground
Dräger’s UCF6000 thermal imager comes with a built-in laser pointer so users can direct other firefighters to what is being seen on the imager’s displays. The UCF6000 also has a freeze-frame button. Point the imager around a corner, push and hold the button, and then bring it back: you can see what the imager saw, without having to move your body in the way of potential danger. Check out for more information.


■ Stinger wows FDIC crowd
Delegates to FDIC 2011 in Indianapolis were impressed by Oshkosh’s Stinger Q4. This is a four-by-four all-wheel drive fitted with Mattracks rubber tracks, which turn the truck into a true ATV, as if there is a miniature tank attached to where each tire should be. For details visit .


■ Smart pump
TNT Rescue’s Echo 6.5 extrication tool pump has a computer that monitors its operations and its connections. As a result, the Echo 6.5 can tell which tools are being used and can run two extrication tools simultaneously. Visit for more information.


■ Rescue-able, inflatable, portable

If your department’s duties include water rescue, then you may want to take a look at NRS Rescue’s inflatable river rescue board. Without air, it folds into a small package, but blow it up, and this rescue board turns into a full-sized floating surface that measures 26 inches wide by 56 inches long by four inches thick. For more details visit .

– by James Careless

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