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FieldMed launches Integrated EMS/9-1-1 feature

September 3, 2020  By FFIC Staff

Following the recent launch of FieldMed’s telehealth and COVID-19 screening feature as an extension of its existing Community Health software program, the company also announced the debut of an innovative cloud-based EMS/9-1-1 software module that provides a streamlined and more efficient workflow to emergency response paramedics in the field.

FieldMed’s Community Health and EMS/9-1-1 software modules provide seamless data capture, the ability to integrate the software with numerous tools and systems and a completely customizable experience that allows departments capture data that suits their specific needs and use cases. The software module offers simple yet powerful electronic reporting capabilities so emergency response paramedics can focus more on the patient. As a comprehensive solution, the EMS/9-1-1 feature will also capture the necessary data so that organizations can report to NEMSIS, the national database that is used to store EMS data.

“As a former firefighter and paramedic for more than 25 years, I have seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to capturing critical patient data on an emergency call,” said Daniel Frey, co-founder and vice president of business development at FieldMed. “Leveraging firsthand experience and expertise on our team, FieldMed built the new EMS/9-1-1 module to enable paramedics to report data in a much more efficient manner that fits right into their regular emergency procedures.”

Current users of FieldMed’s community health software will have the ability to easily switch between the two platforms based on the nature of each call, providing a complete solution for 9-1-1 response and community health paramedicine. FieldMed is available nationwide and offers a variety of pricing structures based on specific program needs.


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