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Firefighter Career Expo 2012

The sold-out 2012 Career Expo in Cambridge, Ont.,
on Saturday drew prospective firefighters from across southwestern Ontario.


May 14, 2012 
By Carey Fredericks

dsc_1507 dsc_1508 founder Kory
Pearn explains what it takes to get on
the job.

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dsc_1516 dsc_1517
Firefighter career coach Richard
Boyes and Caledon Fire Chief Brad

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dsc_1520 dsc_1521
FFIC/CFF sales manager Catherine

dsc_1522 dsc_1523
  Firefighter career coach Richard Boyes,
Caledon Fire Chief Brad Bigrigg,
Kitchener Fire Chief Tim Beckett.

dsc_1525 dsc_1526
Brock University's Dr. Brent Faught
explaining the ins and outs of the
firefighter fitness test.
The FESTI booth at the 2012 Career Expo. 

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dsc_1529 dsc_1530
  Oakville Deputy Chief Andy Glynn and
Caledon Fire Chief Brad Biggrigg tell the
115 delegates what chiefs want in
their recruits.

dsc_1531 dsc_1533

dsc_1534 dsc_1535
  Kory Pearn and FFIC assistant editor Olivia

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dsc_1543 dsc_1549

dsc_1556 dsc_1557

dsc_1558 dsc_1559

dsc_1560 dsc_1561
Students from the pre-service program
at Conestoga College. 

dsc_1564 dsc_1576

dsc_1580 dsc_1585
Cambridge, Ont., human resources
manager Dave Bush reviews interview
FFIC editor Laura King and the panel of
chiefs, who tackled everything from
fire-service politics to firefighting in the
21st century.

dsc_1586 dsc_1588

dsc_1591 dsc_1592

dsc_1595 dsc_1596
  Kitchener Deputy Chief Steve Usher and
Cambridge Chief Bill Chesney – part of
the afternoon panel presentation and
Q and A.

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dsc_1609 dsc_1616

dsc_1617 dsc_1618

dsc_1619 dsc_1620
  Firehall Bookstore manager Becky Atkinson
and FFIC sales assistant Barb Comer at
the Firehall Bookstore booth.

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dsc_1624 dsc_1625

dsc_1626 dsc_1627

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dsc_1634 dsc_1635
Firefighters reach out – panel discussion.  

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