Fire Fighting in Canada

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June 29, 2012, Toronto - Today I will add the Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente to the list of columnists who should be studied in journalism school as examples of shoddy, lazy, unprofessional work.

June 29, 2012 
By Peter Sells

Follow the link, read her diatribe for yourself. I will point out a few “highlights".

“I have no idea what difference that equipment made.” Ms. Wente, you’re a reporter – did you ask anyone? If not, then after declaring your ignorance, how could you make this statement? “But it seems fair to assume that if matters had been left in the hands of the rescue team and bureaucrats, those two bodies would still be lying in the rubble.” On what basis was that assumption made?

“Who was in charge at Elliot Lake? I’d love to know.” Do you mean to tell me that you even started to write your column without finding out this incredibly simple fact?

“Only days ago, the federal government announced it is going to cut its portion of HUSAR’s funding.” Seventy-six days ago, in fact. You didn’t check that either, did you?


Ms. Wente, following your three exhibitions of ignorance you gave two examples, the relevance of which I cannot begin to comprehend. One was about an elderly woman who was improperly served by hospital emergency room staff last year in Windsor, Ont., the other an un-sourced and undated reference to a boating incident in England.

I cannot believe the Globe published your piece. I dare you to go to your local high school and ask any of the English teachers to grade it as an essay. Double dog dare. You, the Sun’s Joe Warmington and the Star’s Rosie DiManno, along with your editors, should be looking for work.

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