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In the Watchroom: August 2007

Havis-Shields Magnafire 5000 high-intensity emergency scene light features a smaller, space-saving design at only 23 cm wide. The compact light is available in several mounted options including body, brow, pole and recessed. The Magnafire 5000 is also available in a portable style.

December 6, 2007 
By FFIC staff

Havis-Shields Magnafire 5000 high-intensity emergency scene light features a smaller, space-saving design at only 23 cm wide. The compact light is available in several mounted options including body, brow, pole and recessed. The Magnafire 5000 is also available in a portable style. The Magnafire 5000 produces more light with less power, reduces maintenance time, saves money and saves space. Magnafire high intensity scene lights are designed to deliver the best possible illumination on the scene, reducing eyestrain and fatigue.
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Cole Hersee Co., a manufacturer of electrical and electronic products for the vehicle industry, offers its new 58336 Locking Rocker Switch. The switch automatically locks in the off position and a slider must be actuated before the switch can be turned on. This switch is ideal for emergency vehicle applications that require an additional level of safety. It offers a bright-orange actuator that allows users to easily view if the switch is locked. The Locking Rocker Switch is weather-resistant and provides SPST on-off configuration. The switch offers a matte black finish housing, bezel and actuator and has a 25A at 12V DC rating.

Information and a catalog is available on the company's website at

The Dräger UCF 1600 and 3200 thermal imaging cameras are suitable for use in the harshest operating environments, as the camera core is fully protected against heat, water and dust as well as major shocks and inhospitable temperatures. The camera provides clear detailed images in smoke filled fire-fighting environments and offers two transparent color operating modes for high and low temperature ranges. The Dräger UCF 1600 and 3200 are small, lightweight and extremely robust and incorporate an ergonomic design for comfortable handling and optimum operability. The VOx micro bolometer camera engine covers a wide dynamic range for optimal performance in unique image coloration and quality. The unique "smart" battery management system hold a battery service life of up to four hours and a charging unit is provided for direct and simultaneous charging of the camera and the replacement battery. Distant subjects are brought into closer view, and in greater detail, using a standard digital 2x zoom. The optional thermal scan technology allows hidden sources of heat to be detected quickly and clearly. For details, see


RAE Systems Inc. of San Jose, Calif., a provider of rapidly deployable sensor networks that enable customers to identify safety and security threats in real time, has introduced two third-generation photoionization-detector based instruments, the MiniRAE 3000 and ppbRAE 3000. Both products can be used in industrial settings, for environmental monitoring, for checking indoor air quality and for hazardous materials response applications. These products are intended for use where hydrocarbon-based chemicals pose a toxic threat. They can be used for leak detection and industrial safety. The instruments have intrinsic safety certifications for use in hazardous environments in the U.S. and Canada. Both products feature a large, back-lit graphical display with graphical charting capability and easy viewing. Both also feature a built-in flashlight. The products include more than 200 built-in correction factors for accurately measuring a wide range of chemicals. For wireless data downloading, an optional Bluetooth interface is available. The instruments will be AutoRAE compatible for fast calibration and bump testing. Each comes with a battery charger and Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. For more information and a video demonstration on these products, visit

Rosenbauer's new articulating platform allows fire departments to decrease set-up time and increase firefighter safety when accessing parapet roofs or performing difficult, below-grade rescues from bridges and waterways. Offering an aerial height of 31 metres and equipped with a 2,000 gpm pump, 300 gallon water tank, Class-A foam and room for 35 metres of ground ladders, the new Rosenbauer-Metz articulating platform helps decrease property loss by setting up in an industry best 25 to 30 seconds. Marketed in North America as "T-Rex," the new articulating platform incorporates Metz's renowned electronic technology for smooth, agile movements. Since it's unveiling in March, the Cochrane, Alta., and and Chestermere, Alta., departments have placed orders. T-Rex is one of two new aerials offered in the Rosenbauer-Metz product line. The "Raptor" is a 102-foot rescue-platform based on the previous L32 model and features a larger cage, advanced electronic controls and also offers the fastest aerial speed in the industry. For more information, please visit the company's website –

Chicago-based Life Fitness has introduced the Hammer strength training vest, a training tool that adds more versatility to the Life Fitness Signature Series Cable Motion Dual Adjustable Pulley. Appropriate for firefighters, the Hammer strength training vest adds variety and customization to any workout. Its 18 strategically placed steel rings support every type of movement and attach to the dual adjustable pulley cables for resistance training, extra assistance and plyometrics to increase speed, agility and core strength. The resistance created by connecting Cable Motion Dual Adjustable Pulley cables to the vest simultaneously engages multiple muscle groups with emphasis on core and stabilizer muscles. This added resistance to traditional movements such as lunges, jumps and running brings increased benefits to each exercise. To achieve the best fit the Training Vest ranges in sizes from XS to XXXL to accommodate all users. For details, visit

Northford, Conn.-based NOTIFIER, a manufacturer of commercial fire alarm technology and systems, has released the ONYX FIRSTVISION, a navigational tool for firefighters and other emergency responders. With ONYX FIRSTVISION, incident commanders can focus on critical information necessary for making fast, effective and well-informed decisions, speeding scene size-up and execution of response operations. ONYX FIRSTVISION is a PC-based touch screen that graphically displays critical information on the origin and spread of a fire, allowing firefighters to quickly locate and extinguish the fire, reducing property loss and saving lives. Emergency responders can immediately gather information needed to accurately pinpoint the source of the fire and the rate at which it's spreading. In addition, ONYX FIRSTVISION is an interactive display summarizing building floor plans, with the location of all fire alarm devices, water supplies, evacuation routes, access routes, fire barriers, gas, power and HVAC shutoffs, as well as chemical and structural hazards in the building. Developed from extensive research and interviews with senior level professional firefighters, ONYX FIRSTVISION is easy to use and requires no special training. NOTIFIER is part of Honeywell's Life Safety Group. For additional information, visit

Elco Construction Products of Rockford, Ill., has produced the HangerMate threaded-rod anchoring systems that eliminates the need for costly, time-consuming supports when thin materials are involved in attaching threaded rods to support pipes in commercial and residential fire sprinkler assemblies. The new HangerMate LG (light gauge) anchor is a collapsible insert and fastener combination also used in numerous other threaded rod applications. "This design brings to 16 the number of HangerMate systems available for fire sprinkler threaded rod applications," said Elco Scott Nelson, general manager of Elco Construction Products. HangerMate systems feature one-piece, cold-formed steel construction with strong mechanical properties to help prevent heads from breaking or loosening and unscrewing during installations. They can be applied in five to 30 seconds with a screw gun or hammer drill. A proprietary single drive tool fits all HangerMate anchors. For more information visit

PBI offers wildlands personnel a protective fabric that exceeds NFPA 1977 Standards. PBI TriGuard resists breakopen and embrittlement, provides superior comfort and enhanced durability, all in a single fabric. Lighter, softer and more moisture absorbent than competing fabrics, PBI TriGuard allows air to circulate around the body, minimizing the risk associated with heat stress. This unique blend also ensures greater resistance to puncture and tears for a flame resistant garment that remains service worthy. For details, visit

Kochek's PVC suction hose is designed for the fire fighting market. The clear webbing allows for visual monitoring while the specially enhanced ribbing eliminates any collapsing. The low profile, high strength, flexible polymer collars, simple and efficient two bolt connections and new exclusive interlock provide superior strength and durability. The proven redundant sealing system insures a dependable no-leak seal. Hose is available with long handle, rocker lug, Storz or Cam lock connections. Hoses are available in standard 10-foot lengths or odd lengths on request. These hoses are field repairable, using off-the-shelf replacement parts. A five-inch Storz ridged long handle version is available – no wrenches needed. Visit our Web site at

Thermo Technologies and Hot Shot Fire Trucks have introduced the FireDos line of proportioning systems to the Canadian fire fighting industry. Hot Shot Fire Trucks has installed two FireDos FD2500 systems for Hellfire to be used in the Alberta oil fields. The systems are mid range AFFF units with step adjustments of one, three and six per cent. The systems have a maximum water flow of 2,500 LPM (660 GPM) and can proportion six per cent AFFF at that flow. The FireDos is a water-driven proportioning system, using a water motor to drive a concentrate pump. It requires no outside power other than the water flow to operate and is all direct drive mechanical so it can not go "out of calibration" therefore never needs to be "recalibrated". FireDos systems are custom designed to meet the applications of each customer, they are available in thirteen different models, each model has several different possible configurations. Flow ranges are available from the smallest unit with a maximum water flow of 130 LPM (32 GPM) to the largest with a maximum flow of 20,000 LPM (5,240 GPM), we can also install multiple units in parallel to achieve any flow requirements.

FireDos is available in versions for mounting on apparatus, portable systems and systems for fixed installations such as tank-farm protection, dock-protections systems or systems for elevated monitors. See for more information.

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