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In the Watchroom: November 2007

Industrial Scientific has introduced a new "bump" test feature for the GasBadge line of personal and dockable single gas monitors. This feature is designed to increase safety by encouraging and facilitating more frequent "bump" tests.

December 6, 2007  By FFIC staff

Designed by a firefighter, the Interface Manifold integrates wildland hose with standard 1.5-inch structural firefighting apparatus and hose lines. The Interface Manifold is an easy-to-use appliance created to make the job of combating grassland and interface fire easier and more efficient. It has been in service for more than five years in Pitt Meadows, B.C. and meets the NFPA 1963 section 5.1.1 standard.

The Interface Manifold is based on solid knowledge, legislation and practical experience. The manifold is compatible with a 1.5-inch female NPSH swivel coupling on the tee and four male GHT couplings with individual gate valves on the cross tee section. These manifolds fit standard issue five-eights wildland fire fighting forestry hose and adapt to two-lug forestry connections. The nozzles are full flow ball valves with an adjustable wing handle for easy control. Water is supplied to the manifold by a standard 1.5-inch hose line supplied by either a portable or apparatus-mounted pump. The manifold can be located at the end of any standard 1.5-inch or 2.5-inch hose line with a reducer. For details, visit

Cole Hersee Company's new Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) Switch eliminates dead batteries by automatically disconnecting non-critical loads from a battery when the battery falls below a predefined threshold. When the battery voltage is restored, the switch automatically restores the functionality of the ancillary equipment. The switch prevents the loads from disconnecting during starting. The switch provides over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature protections to ensure a safe and reliable operation. Additionally, the switch is resistant to vibration and mechanical shock and withstands contamination from moisture, dust or salt spray. The LVD Switch extends battery life.

It has a 200A at 12V DC rating and comes with a manual override option to allow users to make or break the connection regardless of the battery voltage. For details, visit


Industrial Scientific has introduced a new "bump" test feature for the GasBadge line of personal and dockable single gas monitors. This feature is designed to increase safety by encouraging and facilitating more frequent "bump" tests. The feature allows customers to establish a testing frequency based on best practices, company policy or local regulatory agencies. Once the user-prescribed period of time has elapsed, the instrument indicates that a "bump" test is overdue with visual and audible alarms. An indication also remains on the unit's display screen until the test is completed successfully. In a function or "bump" test, the user exposes the instrument to a known concentration of gas to determine if the sensor response is within a safe operating range. If the bump test is unsuccessful, the user must calibrate the instrument before further use. Routine "bump" testing is a vital aspect of any gas monitoring instrument program. The only way to be certain that your portable gas detector will adequately respond to a hazardous condition is to test it with a known concentration of the target gas. The GasBadge line of gas detectors includes the GasBadge Plus and the GasBadge Pro.

For details, visit

Havis-Shields Equipment Corp. has introduced the 2002-2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer vehicle specific console. This OEM replacement console provides a professional and custom appearance and is manufactured from laser-cut steel to precisely fit with the OEM floor shifter and hand brake. This console provides strength for mounting up to 13 inches of emergency equipment in an area where space is limited. The new console mounting requires no drilling. Installation requires the removal of OEM rear armrest, rear seat AC controls and air duct. Recommended options include large padded armrest, accessory pocket, mic clip bracket, K9 transport unit and telescoping computer base for easy computer mounting. For details, please visit

The Fireray 5000 from Fire Fighting Enterprises has been certified as compliant with EN54:12, CPD and LPCB standards. The F5000 is at the forefront of beam-type smoke detection, incorporating the Easifit first fix system and a visual LASER alignment aid to ease installation. Once fitted, an automated, motorized beam optimisation process ensures that the infrared beam is always adjusted for maximum efficiency and functionality.

This product is the only motorized beam detector to be awarded the prestigious LPCB approval, and as such will be included in future editions of the famous red book. The unit incorporates AGC (Automatic Gain Compensation) to monitor and react to environmental changes such as dust accumulation and an auto-optimize feature that has been designed to continually ensure that the infra-red beam is aligned with the reflective prism even in the event of gradual building movement. These features combine to allow the system to maintain a consistently high level of false-alarm immunity over a protracted period of time. The beam can be fully adjusted and controlled from the low-level system controller, which uses only a two-wire connection to the detector head – further easing installation and maintenance (and reducing costs). A range of accessories is also available. For details, visit

Kochek Co.'s PVC suction hose allows for visual monitoring while the specially enhanced ribbing eliminates any collapsing. The low-profile, high-strength, flexible polymer collars, simple two-bolt connections and new, exclusive interlock provide superior strength and durability. The proven redundant sealing system insures a dependable no-leak seal. Hose is available with long handle, rocker lug, Storz, or Cam-lock connections. Hoses are available in standard 10-foot lengths, or odd lengths on request. These hoses are field repairable, using off the shelf replacement parts. A five-inch Storz ridged, long-handle version is available – no wrenches needed. For details, please visit

AMKUS Rescue Systems of Downers Grove, Ill., has introduced the new AMK-30CRT spreader based on its field-proven AMK-30CX spreader. The new device incorporates the push-button, removable-tip design that made the AMK-24 spreader one of the most successful product launches in AMKUS' 30-plus year history. With the addition of the optional extended reach tips (part # 39000001010) the AMK-30CRT creates 40 inches of spread.

The AMK-30CRT is sold either as a completely new unit or as an upgrade package for owners of the AMK-30CX. The upgrade package includes new arms and tips at a specially discounted price. Extended reach tips are available as optional equipment for both. For more details, visit

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