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In the Watchroom: September 2007

New Products

December 6, 2007 

According to Keigan Systems of Kitchener, Ont., CLEER is the first web-delivered emergency response service for first responders. CLEER supports decision making during emergency events and enhances preparedness through simulation exercises. Keigan says CLEER models hazardous vapour dispersion through the atmosphere and smoke movement and particulate fallout from fires.

It integrates data from the first responder, a chemical database, links to observed weather data and information from the ERG2004 to model hazardous dispersions and display impact zones on digital maps. These maps can be linked with prioritized lists of addresses and critical assets to arm first responders with vital public and industry-related information. As a web-based service, CLEER requires no specialized hardware or software, is accessible from anywhere, 24/7, and can facilitate rapid communication of critical emergency information. CLEER is sold as a subscription for an unlimited user base. For more information, visit or email to book a free product demonstration.

The "Visible" from Texcon is a lightweight stainless steel clip-on locating light that operates for 35 hours with a pair of AA batteries. Designed to withstand temperatures up to 570 F for four hours and 1650 F for eight to 10 seconds the Visible provides visual contact for up to 16 feet in dense smoke. The Visible is available for low- or high-pressure cylinders, aluminum, composite or carbon fibre.

The Visible is available in Canada from Canadian Safety Equipment Inc. at


Lieberman & Sons, Ltd. (GLS), an Ohio-based hosiery distributor, offers a wide variety of compression tights, pantyhose and thigh-high stockings exclusively for men under its Comfilon's Activskin brand, and, more recently, under the French Gerbe brand. The company, which has been developing the products since 1998, said in a press release that support legwear has a high spandex content and provides significant compression on the legs, which constricts the blood vessels and forces the blood to move faster and to exchange its oxygen for carbon dioxide more readily in the capillaries inside the muscles. In effect, it energizes the muscles, providing prolonged stamina and delaying the onset of fatigue.

GLS sells only via its website at, and is offering a 10 per cent discount to readers of Fire Fighting in Canada for purchases made through the company's website. Use promotion code PBSV24 when ordering online. For more information, contact Steven Katz, G. Lieberman & Sons, Ltd., P.O. Box 193, Granville, Ohio 43023 USA, in Canada and the U.S. at 1-877-587-2860 (toll free), at 740-587-2860 or by e-mail at

XRT Power Systems' Matrix System is designed for professional and volunteer firefighters with smaller vehicles. The Matrix's two hydraulic pump design can power a 5 kW hydraulic generator for lights or other electrical devices needed at a rescue scene while providing power for independent, simultaneous, multi-tool operation by three people, operating three different tools with full flow, pressure and speed up to 100 feet from the unit. XRT, of Marblehead, Mass XRT's solutions are compatible with all makes of hydraulic cutting, spreading and extraction tools and reel hoses. The XRT system allows firefighters to work effectively, without comprise, and most importantly, without splitting rescue effort because the equipment is short on power. Unlike stand-alone power units, the Matrix's hydraulic powered solution reduces overall vehicle weight and eliminates the extra bulk and weight rescue personnel need to carry to a scene. There is also no need to haul a portable generator and wait for it to start up. Rescue teams simply bring their tools to the scene, flip a switch and can instantly begin working. Efficient for all rapid rescue operations, the system meets the needs of professional and volunteer fire and safety personnel, and facilitates resourceful and fast rescue responses.

The Matrix is priced for manufacturers and dealers starting at US$16,400 and is available throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, visit and click on XRT Matrix System.

Canadian Safety Equipment is offering four new products to improve firefighter safety and efficiency.

Eflares, new electronic road flares offered by Canadian Safety Equipment, eliminate the need for pyrotechnic road flares, which have toxic fumes and pose a fire hazard. Eflares have 360-degree high-visibility LED beacons with flash or steady-on capabilities and are available in orange, red, green, blue or white, or in colour combinations. With up to 80-hour battery life and low battery indicators, the eflares are cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly emergency flares.

During a mass incident or disaster, the site can become overwhelmed with responders, volunteers, and civilians. A top priority is establishing site security and access control so responders can screen, check-in and track all personnel. The RapidTAGx mass disaster badging system strips data from driver's licences to quickly tag all responders with incident-specific badges, complete with site permissions, expiration date and a rapidTAGx-compatible barcode for electronic accountability.

Tempest VSX variable-speed electric fans feature "Intelligent – Power" that converts standard 120V/1 phase AC into highly efficient 230V/3 phase AC power. "Soft Start" allows for gradual speed increases and eliminates start-up amp surge. The VSX blowers have the highest rated CFM of any variable speed electric blower and provide CFM levels equivalent to most 3.5- to 5-horsepower gas-powered models. The fans are available in 16-, 18- and 21-inch sizes with third-party certified airflows of up to 15,663 CFM.

The new "GENESIS" series C-231 Raptor cutter from American Rescue Technology is now available in Canada. The C-231 is the only NFPA-approved cutter that is "BORON CAPABLE." BORON is the newest high-strength material used in some vehicles. The C-271 is designed to cut through BORON like butter.

For more information, visit or contact Canadian Safety Equipment Inc. by telephone at 905-949-2741 or 1-800-265-0182, by fax at 905-272-1866, or by mail at 2465 Cawthra Road, Unit 114, Mississauga, Ont. L5A 3P2.

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