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Initial response manual features scenarios, best practices

Nov. 3, 2010 - The first edition of Structural Fire Fighting: Initial Response Strategy & Tactics is intended to provide fire personnel with the knowledge needed to deploy resources in the first 10 minutes of any structural fire incident. The manual is designed to help the reader develop a logical decision-making process for determining incident priorities, strategies, and tactics regardless of the available resources or configuration of the emergency services organization. Scenarios for residential, commercial, and special hazard incidents are included with recommended best practices and considerations. Training officers can use these scenarios, modified to local resources and realities, to develop classroom discussions or field simulations. This manual is a companion to Structural Fire Fighting: Truck Company Skills and Tactics, 2nd edition and Structural Fire Fighting: High Rise Fire Fighting. Each chapter of the manual contains learning objectives, key terms, and review questions to assist the reader in understanding the material. For more information, or to order this product, visit The Annex Bookstore

November 3, 2010 
By Carey Fredericks

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