Fire Fighting in Canada

Why Ottawa matters

While the action on the ground happens locally, a lot of important policy matters are taking shape at the federal level. Provinces nationwide have faced tremendous tragedies over the last five years, such as wildfires in the West, the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster and Humboldt. These disasters have increased the importance of federal policy, shared Tina Saryeddine, executive director of the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs in a guest column published in the June edition of Fire Fighting in Canada.

July 3, 2018 

In a conversation with Fire Fighting in Canada editor Laura Aiken, Tina Saryeddine will expand on the key federal matters addressed in her column, such as building and fire codes, funding for technology, critical infrastructure and cannabis, opioids and mental health.

Tina Saryeddine, PhD, MHA, CHE, is the executive director of the Canadians Association of Fire Chiefs and an Adjunct Faculty Member at the Telfer school of Management at the University of Ottawa. She brings 20 years of experience with membership driven organizations and extensive experience on the policy, research innovation and advocacy fronts.

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