Written by Matt Pegg
I am firm believer that leadership is a combination of skills, competencies and abilities that can be learned, shared, developed and honed. Over the course of my career, I have witnessed many outstanding examples of exceptional leadership. I am blessed to have a few amazing mentors who are forever helping me become a better leader.
Written by Don Jolley
In recent years, there has been a renewed focus toward strengthening the relationship between local government and the fire service in British Columbia. In order to do this, a program was created called “Working together: effective fire service administration for fire chiefs and local government chief administrative officers.”
Written by Dave Balding
When I became a fire chief, now-retired Fire Chief Bob Claus from Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island (a friend and colleague of mine), advised me to become engaged with chiefs associations and other organizations in the fire service.
Written by Bill Boyes
As chief officers retire, a void in fire leadership is expected to materialize within the next few years. However, this is entirely avoidable if we prepare the next generation to take over our positions.
Written by Denis Pilon
"I would like to retire, but there is no one to take my place.” Have you heard this comment? It is likely you have said something similar or have overheard it in your department. Whether you work in a volunteer or a career department, statements like this are common.
Written by Lyle Quan
I have written columns about topics ranging from strategic planning to change management, and embracing uncertainty in our personal lives. I have written on such a variety of subjects because I believe leadership requires a wide range of knowledge.
Written by Matt Pegg
Are you a reader?
Written by Gord Schreiner
Like many kids who grew up in Canada, hockey was a big part of my life (and still is). I started playing when I was five years old and played for almost 50 years. When I joined the fire service, I noticed similarities between a hockey team and a fire-service team, from pride to hard work, fun, and the desire to become a better team. Hockey night in Canada is part of our culture. In many mid-size to small towns, so is fire practice night.
Written by Jay Shaw
Are you tired of firefighter leadership discussions, blogs, social-media posts and conference sessions? Tired of being told you need to manage better, lead better, lead more and build your teams more effectively? How about all of those top-five lists? The seven best tactics?
Written by Matt Pegg
You know that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, the sweaty palms and the voice in the back of your head asking you if you are sure that you know what you are doing?  The not-so-quiet desire to run away and head straight back to where you came from?  Me too. These are but a few of the symptoms that occur when we are outside our comfort zones.
Written by Bill Boyes
A year has passed since my last column and I want to discuss some interesting lessons learned as a senior officer. In January 2016, I was promoted to director of emergency services – fire chief – from deputy chief in Barrie, Ont.
Written by Lyle Quan
A topic that comes up quite a bit during the fire-officer courses I facilitate is the challenge of getting people to embrace programs that need to be implemented, therefore ensuring that the department meets the needs and expectations of the community.
Written by Len Garis and Larry Thomas
An emergency responder called in to assist at a major fire arrives to find a sea of dark shirts. Who is in charge? This scenario is a common occurrence across North America, where many fire and police chiefs have swapped their white shirts for dark blue or black.
Written by Matt Pegg
During my career in the fire service I have heard many hours of debate and discussion about what it takes to be prepared for promotion. In my inaugural column in November I discussed the fact that luck happens when relentless preparation meets opportunity. Now I will delve into the concept of preparation.
Written by Matt Pegg
I am thrilled to write for Fire Fighting in Canada. The aim of my column will be to share some of the more interesting questions that I have been asked by those working hard to advance their fire-services careers, along with my perspective on the issue.
Written by Dave Balding
Today’s fire departments face increasing expectations in terms of service delivery, fiscal constraint and improved training standards: the result is greater demands on our members. Firefighters, supervisors, administrators and entire departments have a limited capacity to continually give.
Written by Denis Pilon
Most of us who wear stripes understand that mentoring is a critical component in the development of firefighters and newly promoted officers.
Written by Dave Balding
As a chief officer, I expect my firefighters to maintain a level of fitness and competence to enable them to safely and effectively perform their duties. In return, I must keep myself fit in order to be at my best for the people I guide, inspire and serve. Are you a fit leader?
Written by Denis Pilon
May 2016 - Anyone who works in a unionized fire department has, at some time, been confronted with the one word that sets up a roadblock to any succession program: seniority.
Written by Lyle Quan
During the interview process to find my replacement as fire chief for the City of Waterloo, Ont., I was struck by a comment made by one of the candidates. In response to a question about leading outside of the box, the candidate said, “Before you can think outside of the box, you need to know what’s inside of the box.”
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