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Lethbridge water reserves restored, state of emergency lifted

March 14, 2014, Lethbridge, Alta. – The City of Lethbridge, Alta., announced that water reserves have mostly been restored and it can now meet the fire protection needs of all communities.

March 14, 2014
By The Canadian Press

March 14, 2014, Lethbridge, Alta. – Tap water is again safe to drink and the state of emergency has been lifted for the southern Alberta city of Lethbridge and area.

The city announced just after noon today that water reserves have been mostly restored and it can now meet the fire protection needs of all communities.

The city said residents and businesses helped with water conservation and water use is no longer restricted.

It said drinking water may have a different taste or odour, but added it is safe.


Arenas were to reopen later this afternoon, while pools are now open.

Earlier this week, Lethbridge declared a state of emergency as levels in its reservoir dipped critically low levels due to turbidity in the Oldman River, where the city gets its water.

"Throughout this emergency, our communities faced an imminent risk of contamination of our water systems. Thanks to the drastically reduced consumption of all residents and businesses, we were able to avert the contamination of our water system," the city said in a statement on its website.

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