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Magnalight releases trailer-mounted LED lights

ledth-30x5wApril 12, 2012 – The Magnalight LEDTH-30X5W work light is ideal for operators who need an easily deployed mobile light source capable of illuminating large areas effectively. Designed to operate from vehicle electrical systems and equipped with a trailer hitch mounting system, this LED series of work lights from provides an excellent lighting solution for job sites, emergency scenes, and event lighting.

The LEDTH-30X5W trailer hitch mounted work light offers high light output and convenient mobility, combined with an adjustable mini-tower designed to be mounted on vehicle trailer hitches. The tower mounts to common standard push bolt and locking pin style hitches and, once mounted, can be extended from three to eight feet in height.

Lightweight and collapsible, this work light is built with an LED light head constructed with a thick aluminum housing and unbreakable LEXAN lens, and a mini-tower built from heavy duty aluminum. The LED light head produces 14,790 lumens of bright white light capable of illuminating areas as large as 540 feet (165 metres) long by 480 feet (146 metres) wide and is IP68 rated waterproof to protect against damage from the elements. The lights draw only 12.5 amps at 150 watts, making them more efficient than most other types of lighting and well suited for use with vehicles where battery drain is a concern.

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April 12, 2012
By Olivia D'Orazio

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