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Minister Blair marks Emergency Preparedness Week 2023

May 8, 2023 
By Avert staff

Canada’s Minister of Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair marked the beginning of national Emergency Preparedness Week with a statement issued on May 7:

“Today marks the beginning of Emergency Preparedness (EP) Week, an annual reminder for Canadians on the importance of being prepared for emergencies. This year’s theme, ‘Be Prepared. Know your Risks’, encourages Canadians to understand the potential risks in their area and learn what actions they can take to protect themselves and their families.

This week is also a time to recognize the courage of our first responders and our emergency management professionals and celebrate the incredible work they do. I am personally grateful for their dedicated service ensuring the safety of all Canadians.

In recent years, we have witnessed historic floods, wildfires, winter storms and hurricanes. In the past week, floods and wildfires have ravaged communities right across Canada. As climate change causes these events to become more frequent and more severe, the Government of Canada will be there to support response and recovery efforts, and build back more resilient communities.


This year, I encourage you to become familiar with the actions you can take before these emergencies occur to better protect yourself and your family. It can be as simple as making your own emergency kit, creating a family emergency plan, or becoming more informed about the risks and hazards that could exist in your area. Visit the Get Prepared webpage.

We can all do our part to be better prepared for emergencies, and in doing so, help keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities safe.

Happy Emergency Preparedness Week!”

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