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May 7, 2009 - Pierce Manufacturing introduces the Changeable Response Unit (CRU). The Pierce CRU allows fire and rescue departments to customize a single pickup truck to do the work of several specialty vehicles through an interchangeable system of dedicated modules. These modules fit into the cargo area and can be easily swapped out for one another.

May 7, 2009 
By Carey Fredericks

The units feature a flatbed or box-body system, which the department
can configure for specific response applications. Application
configurations include those designed for response to brush fire, ice
rescue, scene safety, rehab, water rescue or HAZMAT scenarios, as well
as others. These units can be easily loaded into a vehicle for quick
and customized response to the specific situation.

The hook-and-lift system loads and unloads different units quickly and
easily with all systems operational from inside the cab. The quick
attach and detach process can be completed in less than two minutes.
The loader is engineered to fit 3/4–ton and larger, single or dual axle
configuration vehicles.

When not being used for a specific emergency application, the vehicle
can be returned to its original function through the use of an
available skid or platform.

The units require minimal maintenance, and are designed with heavy-duty
castors that allow them to roll smoothly across the apparatus bay for
staging and storage. Option packages available for the box bodies
include transverse trays, shelves and electrical routings for power
supplies and shoreline outlets.


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