Fire Fighting in Canada

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Monitoring system allows for prompt, efficient response

Oct. 5, 2010 - The GeoPro workplace safety, monitoring and productivity solution was designed to improve management oversight of employees and resources in a remote field. Comprised of the GeoPro Messenger, a rugged two-way satellite text messaging device with built in GPS, and the secure hosted GeoPro Web Application, the GeoPro system provides real-time communication beyond cellular coverage zones. The GeoPro Messenger features two-way text messaging of up to 160 characters, a joystick for navigating the on-display keyboard and emergency, check-in, tracking and waypoint function and is capable of communicating with other e-mail, mobile phone or Geo Pro solution devices, while the GeoPro Web Application offers secure browser-based access to emergency, check-in, tracking, and waypoint functions, real time visibility of employee status and location displayed in a web-based map and automated monitoring of emergency incidents and prompt notification via email, SMS or the GeoPro Web Application. For more information visit