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New alarm detects heat of potential fire

Safer Alarms of Stamford, Conn. has announced its global launch of the first Arrow-Certified, fire detection product of its kind since 1965 when battery-operated smoke detectors first hit the market.

The product detects the heat of a potential fire before there’s smoke. This buys people precious time to get out before it’s too late. 

The founder of Safer Alarms was inspired by the loss of three children in his neighbourhood to a house fire on Christmas Eve in 2011.

There are two Safer Alarm options – a remote you can place anywhere, especially near the source of most fires such as a stove and laundry room, and one that you can hang from your Christmas tree.

Safer Alarms are not smoke detectors. They are compact, heat sensor and companion remote alarm systems that eliminate an increase in false alarms such as smoke from the stove.

The heat sensor is placed at high-risk locations near the source of most fires, like in the kitchen, laundry room, overloaded outlets, nursery, or Christmas tree. As the temperature hits the critical danger zone of 150 degrees Fahrenheit, the sensor sends a wireless signal to the alarm before the smoke travels to traditional detectors.

The alarm meets all building codes and will continue to sound even if the heat sensor has melted – giving the consumer more time to escape and mitigate property damage.

Safer Alarms has also created the Safer Christmas Tree Alarm which hangs like a traditional ornament in the tree and will send a wireless signal to the remote alarm unit the instant a fire event is detected.

The Safer Home Alarm System and the Safer Christmas Tree Alarm will be in retail stores this fall and sell for about $60, but are offered on IndieGoGo starting at$20each. Click here to go to the IndieGoGo page.

August 9, 2018  By Grant Cameron

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