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New alternator optimized for fire truck applications

Fire trucks are tasked with powering complex electrical systems at engine idle and require an alternator that is capable of meeting demanding voltage requirements under extreme conditions.

The new premium IdlePro Extreme 12-volt, 420-amp, heavy-duty alternator from Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems is optimized for fire truck applications and engineered to deliver industry-best output at low engine speeds to keep vehicles running longer.

“Emergency response vehicle operators need to be confident that their vehicle will perform reliably at any moment, under virtually any condition, and often running at idle,” said Jonathan Smith, assistant director of aftermarket sales and marketing at Prestolite Electric. “Our new 420-amp model is achieving particularly high levels of performance in pumper truck applications, where unusually high electrical draws are the norm.”

The new alternator features an array of advanced technologies designed to improve battery life, increase reliability and minimize downtime in vehicles that power a high number of electrical draws at low-engine speeds.

A built-in feature reduces battery charge time and returns the battery to a full charge between vehicle stops while new technology reduces stray voltage and electrical noise, helping to protect the engine.

In addition to being optimized to withstand the most challenging operating environments, the alternator is engineered for ultra-efficient operation. IdlePro Extreme alternators operate at 76 per cent efficiency and offer a minimum of 90 per cent of their rated maximum output at engine idle speed.

The alternator also features:

  • Premium high-performance brushless design that helps to reduce weight and size.
  • A cooling design that allows for cooler running temperatures.
  • Dual cable terminals that provide extended coverage and convenience.
  • A heavy duty coating that helps protect against corrosion.
The alternator is covered by a three-year, 350,000-mile warranty.

For more information about the product, visit Prestolite Electric.

July 26, 2018  By Fire Fighting in Canada

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