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New foam concentrate from Johnson Controls

May 11, 2021 
By FFIC Staff

May 11, 2021 – Johnson Controls launched the new Williams Fire & Hazard Control T-Storm NFF 3×3 UL201 foam concentrate.

This new, patent-pending, non-fluorinated foam technology provides fast, effective fire suppression on most Class B hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires. With a longer drain time than most AR-AFFFs, this foam blanket also delivers post-extinguishment burn-back resistance and vapor suppression.

The foam concentrate provides flexibility and ease of use for first response teams, as it allows for consistent three percent proportioning for both hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires.

With a three-to-one expansion ratio and viscosity similar to a 3×3 AR-AFFF, the foam concentrate is compatible with most standard response proportioning and discharge devices, reducing the need for significant hardware changes. The low expansion ratio provides greater throw distance for the foam, giving firefighters additional separation from the flames.


To learn more, please visit Williams Fire & Hazard Control.

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