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New full-size electric RANGER from Polaris

June 2, 2021
By FFIC Staff

June 2, 2021 – Polaris will debut an all-new electric RANGER utility side-by-side in December, elevating the RANGER platform to a new level of capability, durability and performance.

The all-new electric RANGER uses regenerative braking – a feature that helps charge the battery when the foot is off the throttle – as a variable engine braking system. If the vehicle is going down a hill hauling a load, the brake system will slow the vehicle at the same time it’s charging the battery.

Electric motors are excellent for work environments because they have a linear torque curve to generate peak torque quickly and maintain it through a wide range of operating speeds, which is needed for big jobs like towing heavy loads.

Precise control over how the vehicle accelerates, how it decelerates, and how much torque is being produced at any given speed combines to create a powerful formula for optimizing performance.


To learn more about the all-new electric RANGER or other RANGER models, visit Polaris.

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