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International Safety in Newmarket is introducing the Spartan Fire Hydrant manufactured by Sigelock. The company says it revolutionizes municipal firefighting with the first major overhaul to hydrant design in a century, and will reduce municipal budgets and increase operational readiness at the same time.

The company says the hydrant opens quicker and easier than standard fire hydrants, dramatically reduces the chance of freezing in winter due to a new patented lower valve and drain system, and has caps and nozzles that will not rust, seize or corrode – even in the harshest environments.

The hydrant is built from rugged ductile iron and coated with super-durable Thermoset powder coating paint which means there will be no cost of labour for painting.

Internal parts are made from marine-grade 304 stainless steel which means there will be no money spent on replacements.

The company also says there will be no more water loss from leaks or theft, as built-in security allows authorized access only.

The hydrant is made in the U.S. and comes with a 25-year limited warranty on material and workmanship. It is certified for use in Canada.

The hydrant has Dry Barrel Design and meets applicable parts of ANSI/AWWA C502 standard.

Click here more information about the hydrant.
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Dräger has released a new series of single-gas monitors. The Pac 6000, 6500, 8000 and 8500 monitors detect not only standard gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and oxygen (Pac 6000 and 6500), but also special gases such as ozone, phosgene and nitrogen dioxide (Pac 8000).

In addition, the Pac 8500 is available with dual sensors for hydrogen sulfide/carbon monoxide or oxygen/carbon monoxide, and a hydrogen-compensated carbon monoxide sensor. This significantly reduces the influence of hydrogen on the indication of carbon monoxide.

As quick and reliable gas measurement is extremely important in an industrial environment, the Pac series detectors provide precise results, and are very easy to use.

Users can choose between 18 long-life sensors for the detection of up to 33 gases. The industrial battery used in the monitors enables a service life of two years without a battery change. Existing accessories can also be used with the new monitors.

An integrated "D-Light" shows the user whether the monitor is functional and ready for operation. In addition to the current gas concentration, a large display also provides other important information, such as remaining battery capacity, target gas or remaining service life.

The Pac series withstands harsh operating conditions. The sensors can be used in a temperature range from -40 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. An easily replaceable membrane filter protects the sensor against foreign substances such as dust or liquids.

The impact and chemical-resistant housing meets the requirements of IP68. Each sensor type is identified by a colour code. This means that mix-ups are practically impossible.

Pac series monitors display the respective highest concentration measured. Alarms are issued acoustically, visually and with a clearly noticeable vibration, and users can access acknowledged alarms at a later time. 

Click here for more information about Dräger’s product line of single-gas detection devices.

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Hope everyone had a great, safe and healthy summer. The long, cold winter is now just around the corner. With that in mind, I’d like to take the opportunity to write about preparing for the cold weather.
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Lind Equipment of Markham, Ont., recently received honours in the 2018 Pro Tool Innovation Awards for two of its products, the Beacon LED Tower and the Beacon120 LED Highbay.

A panel of judges made up of tool and media professionals from across the United States and Canada weighed in on entries from top global manufacturers.

The Beacon LED Tower won the commercial site lighting category and the Beacon120 LED Highbay was a finalist in the temporary site lighting category.

Sean Van Doorselaer, CEO and chief designer officer at Lind Equipment, said the company is incredibly proud to earn accolades for the two products.

“Product design and innovation are key to what we do here at Lind Equipment,” he said. “Frankly, design matters, and building world-beating products is how we help our customers work confidently.”

The judges had some great praise for the Beacon LED Tower, saying, “What happens when you need a lot of light for exterior locations? Lind Equipment has broken the barrier and their Beacon LED Tower light puts out 120,000 lumens from four 200-watt LED lights.

“The system has a fuel tank that gives you up to 45 hours of runtime from a standard 2000-watt generator that you’ll need to supply. It’s designed to be transported and set up by a single person if necessary. When powerful lighting is what you need, you now have a legitimate LED option.”

Hundreds of power tools, hand tools, fasteners and accessories were judged, and winners were decided based on industry innovation.

Winners demonstrated achievement in any combination of the following: innovative features, advanced power delivery, groundbreaking ergonomics, technological advancements, and value.

The Pro Tool Innovation Awards recognize best-in-class products that are truly ahead of their time.

This year, more than 60 different tool manufacturers submitted nearly 300 tool entries in dozens of categories for a shot to win a 2018 Pro Tool Innovation Award.

Clint DeBoer, executive director of the Pro Tool Innovation Awards, said manufacturers are consistently improving their tools, but each year some exceed the norms and develop products which truly deserve recognition.

“Business owners, builders, contractors, and tradespeople really need to understand which products can help them work smarter and more efficiently,” he said. “Often, they can also save a lot of money in either material costs or time-savings. That innovation goes straight into their pocketbook."

The Pro Tool Innovation Awards are an annual awards program judged by a panel of professional tradesmen and trade media representatives in the electrical, plumbing, MRO, and concrete fields as well as general contractors and builders.

Lind Equipment is a leading manufacturer of portable LED lighting, hazardous location and industrial work lighting, portable power, static grounding, and GFCI products.

Click here for more information about the company and its products.

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Dräger Canada, an international leader in the fields of medical safety technology, has announced the release of a new multi-gas detector that can detect up to seven gases.

The X-am 8000 is now available in the Canadian and U.S. markets.

The detector can detect flammable and toxic gases, vapours and oxygen all at once and is applicable to a number of industries, including fire services, chemical, oil and gas, mining, shipping, pharmaceutical and water treatment.

Innovative signaling design and handy assistant functions ensure complete safety throughout the process.

“An accurately performed clearance measurement is one of the most important safety measures that helps to safeguard against accidents associated with toxic gases, vapours and hazardous substances,” said Larry Medina, product portfolio marketing manager, gas detection at Dräger. “Developed in close collaboration with more than 250 of our customers, the X-am 8000 has been carefully designed and optimized for practical use in the field. We’re proud to add the X-am 8000 to Dräger’s portfolio of best-in-class safety products.”

Benefits of the X-am 8000 include:
  • Smaller, lighter device with easy-to-read colour screen which displays up to seven different gases.
  • Compact product design can conveniently be used with just one hand.
  • Mobile device can easily be converted to a fully functional area-monitoring device.
  • Practical functionality that allows switching between pump and diffusion mode by user, saving energy and increasing the operating time of the device without requiring factory modification.
  • Inductive charging which makes the system more durable and less vulnerable to water, dust and dirt, which may reduce maintenance needs and increase the lifespan of the device.
  • Intuitive smart assistants for clearance measurement, leak detection and benzene-specific testing.
Click here to learn more about the product.
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Safer Alarms of Stamford, Conn. has announced its global launch of the first Arrow-Certified, fire detection product of its kind since 1965 when battery-operated smoke detectors first hit the market.

The product detects the heat of a potential fire before there’s smoke. This buys people precious time to get out before it’s too late. 

The founder of Safer Alarms was inspired by the loss of three children in his neighbourhood to a house fire on Christmas Eve in 2011.

There are two Safer Alarm options – a remote you can place anywhere, especially near the source of most fires such as a stove and laundry room, and one that you can hang from your Christmas tree.

Safer Alarms are not smoke detectors. They are compact, heat sensor and companion remote alarm systems that eliminate an increase in false alarms such as smoke from the stove.

The heat sensor is placed at high-risk locations near the source of most fires, like in the kitchen, laundry room, overloaded outlets, nursery, or Christmas tree. As the temperature hits the critical danger zone of 150 degrees Fahrenheit, the sensor sends a wireless signal to the alarm before the smoke travels to traditional detectors.

The alarm meets all building codes and will continue to sound even if the heat sensor has melted – giving the consumer more time to escape and mitigate property damage.

Safer Alarms has also created the Safer Christmas Tree Alarm which hangs like a traditional ornament in the tree and will send a wireless signal to the remote alarm unit the instant a fire event is detected.

The Safer Home Alarm System and the Safer Christmas Tree Alarm will be in retail stores this fall and sell for about $60, but are offered on IndieGoGo starting at$20each. Click here to go to the IndieGoGo page.

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Prestolite Electric has announced a new starter for engines in fire, rescue and other trucks. It’s called the PowerPro Extreme 5, a 12-volt, 4.5-kilowatt starter from Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems.

The latest addition to the PowerPro Extreme range offers high-torque, high-efficiency starting power for six- to 10-litre engines used in construction, fire and rescue, pickup and delivery, refuse and school bus applications.

Featuring a planetary gear reduction design, the PowerPro Extreme 5 is available in both 10- and 12-tooth versions and provides a premium replacement alternative for a variety of popular engines, including Cummins ISB, ISC and ISL; International DT466E and DT570E; and MaxxForce DT, 9 and 10 models.

“Our new PowerPro Extreme 5 starter is designed to provide medium-duty vehicle operators with reliable, high-output power in a lightweight, value-driven package,” said Jonathan Smith, assistant director of aftermarket sales and marketing, Prestolite Electric. “Extensive testing with many of the industry’s premiere truck and engine manufacturers has shown the PowerPro Extreme 5 to crank faster than competitive models while also requiring lower electrical current.”

For more information about the starter, send an email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

For more information about the company, visit Prestolite.

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Blackline Safety Corp. of Calgary, Alta., has launched its second-generation Blackline Analytics platform, a tool that makes it easy for businesses to manage gas detection programs.

The new data analytics software enables businesses to leverage the data streamed from their connected G7 gas detectors, empowering decision-making with user-friendly data visualization tools.
“Blackline is the only vendor to combine turnkey, 3G-enabled connected gas detection with location-based data analytics software,” said Cody Slater, CEO and chairman of Blackline Safety.
“Since launching the first generation of Blackline Analytics at the beginning of the year, we’ve been overwhelmed with positive customer feedback. Not only has our analytics software empowered customers with data-driven decision-making, this leading capability has helped us win new customer business as a key competitive differentiator.”
“Businesses are increasingly driven by data and connectivity,” said Sean Stinson, VP sales and product management. “With Blackline Analytics, we are moving the gas detection industry into the future.

“Our G7 connected gas detectors generate much more data than convention instruments that just beep and flash. Equipment usage, gas readings, location data, sensor tests and calibrations are continuously streamed to the Blackline Safety Network for analysis, driving unique insights for businesses.”
Blackline Analytics is accessible from any internet-connected device and launched with five interactive reports that will soon be joined by more reports, driven by customer feedback. Current Blackline Analytics online reports include:

  • Event report: Provides a high-level overview of customer data, allowing users to quickly drill down into specifics using several filters. Charts enable quick comparison across individuals and teams. Users can explore how frequently one data type was reported and see when data events occur over time.
  • Event Map report: Users can explore the locations where data events occurred by choosing a date range and using an interactive map. Multiple occurrences of the same type of data can indicate a recurring issue that may require investigation.
  • Incident report: Presents data for an individual employee or team that makes it easy to investigate an incident relating to gas exposure, an injury or health incident.
  • Usage and Compliance report: Presents regulatory gas detection and usage compliance data through a series of interactive charts. Businesses can monitor how teams are using equipment and if they are performing required gas sensor testing and calibrations.
  • Bump Test and Calibration report: Customers can further drill into gas detection compliance data, examining each test and calibration performed, to identify and manage the cause of any failures that may have been encountered.
Blackline Analytics leverages assisted-GPS location technology embedded into every G7 gas detector to accurately record the location of gas readings. It also supports Blackline’s proprietary location beacons, used when working around and inside facilities where GPS satellite signals may be less accurate or not available.

To learn about the product and company visit Blackline Safety.

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A new Simplex life safety network released by Johnson Controls will greatly increase the speed and ease at which fire detection and life safety systems communicate and operate.

The Simplex ES Net Life Safety Network harnesses the power of IP technology with data rates up to 100 MB per second and a range of network connection choices including ethernet, DSL and fiber.

The network will give building owners reassurance knowing that as the IP standard evolves, so will ES Net, making the life safety system resilient and future-proof.

Simplex ES Net also provides greater flexibility during network expansion.

By allowing up to 25 kilometres between units, ES Net gives users more options to meet performance and budget requirements.

The network’s increased memory capacity and broad bandwidth helps improve uptime, ensure more consistent performance and support future expansion and enhancements.  

“Johnson Controls has brought leading-edge innovation to fire detection and life safety systems,” said Anil Konjalwar, senior product manager, fire detection, at Johnson Controls. “The new Simplex ES Net offers a powerful solution for customers seeking a fast, reliable and efficient life safety network.”  

With the system’s TrueSite Workstation Mobile Client, network monitoring and management can easily be completed on a mobile device or single console. Advanced diagnostic tools ensure fast installations, easy commissioning and quick, efficient pinpointing of network performance and connection issues.

Johnson Controls is a global diversified technology and multi-industrial leader serving a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries. For more information about the company’s fire and life safety systems, click here.

For more information about the company, visit Johnson Controls.
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For the third consecutive year, Ram Air Gear Dryers is giving away a new gear dryer to a lucky fire department.

The Hometown Heroes Gear Dryer Giveaway was established by the company as a salute to the firefighters that serve in the U.S. and Canada.

No purchase is necessary to enter or win.

The contest is open to employees, volunteers or retirees of any fire department within the U.S. or Canada.

One lucky fire department will be awarded a Ram Air Gear Dryer.

“As a firefighter-owned company, we have a sincere appreciation of preserving the safety of firefighters and those they serve,” said Lance Dornn, president of Ram Air. “Our gear dryers help reduce the risks associated with dirty, wet gear and, as such, we are proud to salute our hometown heroes with this giveaway.”

To enter the sweepstakes, click here.

Ram Air provides a full range of dryers made exclusively for drying personal protective equipment, including bunker gear, immersion/hazmat suits, helmets, gloves, boots, facemasks and SCBAs. The company’s patented dryers use heated or ambient air with powerful fans that push air through gear from the inside out. The large volume of air effectively dries gear in a fraction of the time—getting firefighters back to action fast.

For more information about the company and its products, visit Ram Air.

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Fire trucks are tasked with powering complex electrical systems at engine idle and require an alternator that is capable of meeting demanding voltage requirements under extreme conditions.

The new premium IdlePro Extreme 12-volt, 420-amp, heavy-duty alternator from Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems is optimized for fire truck applications and engineered to deliver industry-best output at low engine speeds to keep vehicles running longer.

“Emergency response vehicle operators need to be confident that their vehicle will perform reliably at any moment, under virtually any condition, and often running at idle,” said Jonathan Smith, assistant director of aftermarket sales and marketing at Prestolite Electric. “Our new 420-amp model is achieving particularly high levels of performance in pumper truck applications, where unusually high electrical draws are the norm.”

The new alternator features an array of advanced technologies designed to improve battery life, increase reliability and minimize downtime in vehicles that power a high number of electrical draws at low-engine speeds.

A built-in feature reduces battery charge time and returns the battery to a full charge between vehicle stops while new technology reduces stray voltage and electrical noise, helping to protect the engine.

In addition to being optimized to withstand the most challenging operating environments, the alternator is engineered for ultra-efficient operation. IdlePro Extreme alternators operate at 76 per cent efficiency and offer a minimum of 90 per cent of their rated maximum output at engine idle speed.

The alternator also features:

  • Premium high-performance brushless design that helps to reduce weight and size.
  • A cooling design that allows for cooler running temperatures.
  • Dual cable terminals that provide extended coverage and convenience.
  • A heavy duty coating that helps protect against corrosion.
The alternator is covered by a three-year, 350,000-mile warranty.

For more information about the product, visit Prestolite Electric.

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Bally Ribbon Mills has announced a line of safety webbing and tapes, ideal for fire, law enforcement, industrial, military, and commercial fall protection personal protective equipment (PPE).

The Pennsylvania-based company designs, develops and manufactures highly specialized engineered woven fabrics.

The company’s safety webbing and tapes meet the demands of applications requiring high temperature, fully engineered safety solutions. They can be used for shoulder straps, harness webbing, and chin straps, as well as helmet suspension, binding tapes, lap belts, and shock absorbing webbing.

Made from nylon, Kevlar and other specialty fibres, the safety webbing and tapes are ideal for applications requiring high tenacity, abrasion resistance and flame and heat resistance. They are also a good choice for controlled elongation applications as well as those requiring chemical resistance in specific environments.

The safety webbing and tapes offer conductivity, dimensional stability and strength, and can help to reduce weight and size.

The materials meet United States (NFPA) requirements for firefighters’ protective clothing and equipment.

For more information about the company and its products, visit Bally Ribbon Mills.
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Firefighters can now easily get specialized training to maximize their firefighting skills in buildings equipped with sprinkler systems through a self-paced online training program from FM Global, one of the world’s largest commercial and industrial property insurers. 

Available at no cost to firefighters, the interactive Fighting Fire in Sprinklered Buildings program trains participants how to create pre-incident plans with owners of sprinklered buildings. 
In the program, firefighters learn about the design, function and limits of sprinkler systems, why  sprinklered buildings burn and how to combat fires most effectively with sprinklers in operation.

“In some situations, firefighters can unintentionally make a fire worse at the scene by closing sprinkler valves and turning off electrical power prematurely,” said Michael Spaziani, assistant vice president, senior staff engineering specialist, at FM Global. “Even the most experienced firefighter can benefit from this specialized training.”

Firefighters receive a certificate upon completing the program and passing a skills assessment.

The training can be accessed at

FM Global is a U.S.-based mutual insurance company whose capital, scientific research capability and engineering expertise are solely dedicated to property risk management and the resilience of its client-owners. 

For more information, visit FM Global.

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Call it what you want–pot, dope, weed, hash, joint or marijuana–the Canadian federal government has decided to legalize cannabis in 2018. In recent media releases and interviews, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said legalization is still on track.
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This past June 14 marked the first anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire in London, England, that blaze was one of the most tragic fires in the history of the modern United Kingdom. Seventy-two people died and more than 70 were injured.
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Holík International's SensPro gloves won a 2018 Red Dot award in the Product Design category. The gloves were chosen from out of 6,300 registered products and manufacturers from 59 different countries.

SensPro gloves are protective gloves for firefighters with implemented electronics and sensors that measure ambient temperature of close surrounding of the firefighter and temperature of remote objects.

The glove has special 3D anatomical cut, which significantly improves on dexterity and comfort of the user. The whole system, including battery, is the first textile product certified to explosive atmospheres. With the gloves comes an app, which shows measured temperatures and allows its users to set their bar graph to their needs.

The award will be received by representatives of the company at the Red Dot Gala award ceremony on July 9, 2018, in Essen, Germany.

For more information about SensPro visit,
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June 1, 2018, Calgary, Alta. - Blackline Safety Corp. announced record first-quarter revenue results for the quarter ended January 31, 2018. The report lists the company’s financial highlights, key financial information and revenue increase percentages.


– Total revenue of $3.8 million, a 51 per cent increase over the prior year’s Q1.
– Product revenue of $1.5 million, an 83 per cent increase over the prior year’s Q1
– Service revenue of $2.3 million, a 36 per cent increase over the prior year’s Q1.
– European revenue of $701 thousand, a 245 per cent increase over the prior year’s Q1.
– Contracted future service revenue grew to $4.5 million, a 34 per cent increase over the prior year’s Q1.
– Blackline launched new gas sensors and G7 device firmware with multi-language support.
– Blackline Safety named Manufacturer of the Year at the Oil & Gas Awards.

The subsequent values in this release are in thousands, except for percentages and per share data.­­

Financial Highlights

  Quarter Ended January 31








Gross Margin




Gross Margin Percentage




Net Loss




Net Loss excluding stock-based compensation expense




Adjusted EBITDA




Loss per Share




Key Financial Information

First quarter revenue was $3,803 compared to $2,515 in the comparable quarter of the prior fiscal year, resulting in an increase of 51 per cent or $1,288.

Product revenue during the first quarter was $1,465, an increase of 83 per cent compared to $802 in the comparable quarter of the prior fiscal year. This increase was driven by shipments of Blackline’s G7c and G7x products in the period, particularly in Europe with an increase of 245 per cent in total revenues in this region.

Service revenue was $2,338, an increase of 36 per cent compared to $1,714 in the same period last year, attributed to new service activations by end customers from the continued solid growth in product sales and adoption of the Blackline Complete leasing program.

Contracted future service revenue, representing the value of future Blackline Complete lease commitments, was $4,510 as at January 31, 2018, an increase of 34 per cent from Q1 FY2017.

Gross margin for the first quarter was $1,693 compared to $1,251 in the comparable quarter of the prior year, an increase of 35 per cent over the comparable period from the prior year.

Adjusted EBITDA was $(136) for the first quarter compared to $(191) in the comparable quarter of the prior year. The improvement in the Adjusted EBITDA in the quarter is attributable to an increase in revenues and gross margin quarter-over-quarter.

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HAIX North America, Inc. has introduced a new boot for wildland firefighters, the Missoula 2.0. HAIX provided a sneak peek of the Missoula 2.0 on April 26 at FDIC 2018, the largest trade show for the fire/EMS industry.

The NFPA 1977-compliant boot is the company's second-generation hiking boot for wildland firefighting. This boot is a major overhaul of HAIX's popular Missoula. Incorporating feedback from firefighters on the frontlines, the company's engineers upgraded the boot to better meet the needs of wearers.

The new boot is lighter weight to alleviate leg fatigue, especially on longer hikes. The boot also incorporates HAIX's renowned Arch Support System for improved comfort. A new lightweight composite toe provides additional toe room and non-heat transferring safety protection as well as built-in puncture protection.

Missoula 2.0's newly-designed rubber sole is highly heat-resistant and anti-slip to provide greater footholds for a variety of rugged terrains. The built-in PU cushioning in the sole provides exceptional shock absorption.

For added convenience, the boot features a boot jack at the rear to make them easier to remove, and roller ball eyelets to make lacing smoother and faster.

For more information about the company and its products, visit HAIX North America.
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Exhaust removal manufacturer Plymovent has a new High Temperature (HT) hose and other products that address and meet NFPA standards on engine exhaust gas temperature.

Since 2007, the temperatures of the typical diesel truck emissions, including fire trucks, have risen. The addition of hazard-reducing exhaust treatment systems such as diesel particulate filters (DPF) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) have increased the heat generated by the engine, and thereby the exhaust, raising concerns about fire, injury and product damage.

NFPA specified in its 1901 Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus ( that engine exhaust gas temperature shall not exceed 455 C (851 F) when measured at the exit of the exhaust pipe during normal DPF regeneration.

Plymovent provides a HT hose assembly for its upper, mid and lower hoses. The HT hose is rated at 482 C (900 F) continuous and 566 C (1,050 F) intermittently.

In 2015 the Plymovent hoses were sent to a third-party testing company and withstood temperatures up to 1,221 F during a 40-minute test. Included in the test was the more rigid lower hose component, and because that is the hose that takes on the highest temperatures, this was a significant achievement.

For more information visit,
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Houston technology company Dräger has packaged its SCBA components into three of its most requested configurations to make choosing the right self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) easier for fire departments. Each is composed of Dräger-manufactured components that are designed to work together.

– Dräger Premier SCBA: This package includes a full face mask with heads-up display (HUD); PSS 7000 carrying system; Sentinel 7000 monitoring system with wireless HUD, PASS device, and two low air alarms; two 45-minute cylinders; a quick connect adaptor, and a buddy breather.

– Dräger Advanced SCBA: Designed for price/performance, this mid-range package includes a full face mask with HUD, PSS 7000 carrying system, Sentinel 1500 monitoring system with wireless HUD and PASS device, two 45-minute cylinders, and a quick connect adaptor.

– Dräger Standard SCBA: Designed for budget-conscious fire departments, this package provides essential SCBA components including a full face mask with HUD, PSS 5000 carrying system, Sentinel 1500 monitoring system with wireless HUD and PASS device, two 45-minute cylinders, and a quick connect adaptor.

In addition to SCBA packages, Dräger can also configure SCBAs from the ground up if the fire department prefers.

For more information visit
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