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New series of door safety sensors from LiftMaster

March 29, 2021 
By Maz Atta

March 29, 2021 — A new series of door safety sensors with extra protection is now available from LiftMaster.

The LiftMaster Monitored Light Curtain is a door safety sensor that has the potential to protect people and property from damage. The curtain provides an invisible three-foot wall of protection, consisting of 22 monitored infrared cross-beams that span across the plane of the door.

The invisible screen of protection can sense any obstructions in the way of the door, stops it from closing and reverses to its fully open position. This tool is designed to minimize injury, costly repairs, and unexpected downtime.

The Monitored Light Curtain can also be connected to the myQ Smart Facility Management tool, which allows facility managers to easily access real-time data and support preventative maintenance needs.

For more information, please visit LiftMaster.

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