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Poll results favour sprinklers in all homes

March 5, 2008 

With the final vote in our poll on residential sprinklers logged at
21:09 last night, it’s clear that FFIC website viewers firmly support sprinklers in all residential buildings, including single-family homes.

March 5, 2008 
By Carey Fredericks


Almost 85 per cent of those who voted chose that option over high rises and multiple-unit buildings of more than three storeys (14.6 per cent) or high rise dwellings only (0.5 per cent).

A quick web search this morning for the word sprinklers yielded these stories, among others:

Absence of sprinklers a worry for Labrador seniors home


Fire chief calls for sprinklers in every dwelling

Councillor wants to make sprinklers mandatory


With 24 fire deaths in
Ontario as of Feb. 29 and another four people killed in a Hamilton house fire over the weekend, the fire service needs to get the word out about sprinklers and many chiefs and others have admirably taken up the cause.

We’ll continue to do our part too by letting you all know what’s happening across the province and around the country.


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