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Poll, RIT challenge and floodwaters

May 9, 2008 

We hope
Ontario fire marshal Pat Burke is recuperating well from last week’s hip surgery. This tidbit ought to give him a bit of a boost: a whopping 81 per cent of respondents to our survey on the home page of the website believe that those without working smoke detectors should be charged when fire causes death.

May 9, 2008 
By Carey Fredericks

Due to a limit on the number of words we can fit in the poll question, we didn’t ask specifically whether those who neglect to install or maintain smoke detector and then experience a fatal fire should be charged with criminal negligence, as the fire marshal’s office is advocating, but we’re hearing more and more support for Burke’s push for criminal charges.


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Congratulations to the RIT teams from the Whistler and Kaleden fire departments in B.C., which placed first and second, respectively, in Canwest Fire’s RIT challenge at last weekend’s B.C. volunteer firefighters spring training session hosted by Oliver Fire & Rescue and sponsored by Fire Fighting in


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Lastly, as we head into the weekend, a word to all the firefighters in
New Brunswick who are fending off floodwaters. Reporter Andrew Sanojca is writing a story on the floods for the July issue of Canadian Firefighter but we’re well aware that firefighters and chiefs are battling the Saint John River – we’ve heard from a few who have all but moved in to EMO centres – and we’re waiting until things quiet down to get in touch. Meantime, we’re thinking of you all.



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