Written by Sean Tracey
Over the past decade Canadians have experienced increased costs for the deployment of firefighting services. These are due in part to the increased expenses to train, deploy and equip firefighters. Cost-conscious community leaders will begin to question these costs, seeking tangible measurements of the benefits of these services.
Written by Blair Watson
Fire Chief Ken Beckett isn’t used to taking no for an answer. So when the builder hired to build his new home in East Gwillimbury, Ont., told him he couldn’t install sprinklers, Beckett went up the chain of command and convinced the company owner that sprinklers might take some extra work but, in this case, were a necessity.
Written by Mike Seaborn
Firefighters responding to a structure fire face many unknowns and variables. Add disabled individuals with special needs to the mix and it creates a potential recipe for disaster.
Written by James Careless
Fire prevention education is an important priority for all fire departments. But when it comes to educational efforts, larger departments have more people and resources available to do the job than their smaller counterparts.

Written by Peter Sells
You know what bugs me? Urban myths. I hate it when inaccurate, misleading or downright wrong information is perpetuated by the media, the entertainment industry or just spread through the grapevine. Sometimes it is just a pet peeve or an annoyance but it can be a big deal when the public gets bad information about an issue that is needlessly costing the lives of dozens of Canadians each year.
Written by CYRIL W. HARE
The recent house fire in West Lincoln, Ont., that resulted in the deaths of a mother and her seven children is an unfortunate example of the failure of our fire prevention programs in Canada. We have made great strides in public education and the installation of smoke alarms, but it has not been enough. We continue to have losses of life due to fire.
Customer service backpack program ensures consistency of message by fire fighters in providing information to citizens
An innovative partnership for fire prevention and public education is paying off for this fire department in Ontario. The City of Kawartha Lakes Fire and Rescue Service had created a partnership with retired NHL defensive player Jeff Beukeboom and East Side Mario’s restaurant in Lindsay.
Written by DAVE NOORDAM with Fire Chief Len Garis
Do they really prevent fire deaths? Current research is challenging our beliefs.

Written by MYRON LOVE
Popular Winnipeg-developed children’s fire safety program by Firefighter Shane Ferguson has been translated into French, Spanish for wider distribution.
Written by Fire Fighting in Canada
Report issued by NFPA on waking effectiveness of smoke alarms for older adults.
Written by James Careless
Fire suppression has always been an art rather than a science. There are so many variables to contend with at the scene, that successfully dousing the flames has always been a blend of practical knowledge, hard work, courage, and plain good luck.
Written by Steve Sorensen and Nikki Lewers
Fire safety education in our community - where do we begin? This was the question the Sooke Volunteer Fire Department wrestled with about seven years ago. Like most fire departments, our 40 volunteers were kept busy keeping up with training and attending calls.

Written by James Careless
If prevention is the best defence against fire, then effective fire education is an absolute must. But how do fire departments teach people to protect themselves and to respond properly when fire does occur? Here are some tactics used by departments across Canada.
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