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Red Deer tests FIT-5

ffic-nov08-newproducts-fit5Dec. 8, 2008 - The difference between a five minute response time and a seven minute response time could turn a one room fire into a full blown blaze. Picture this – as the first to respond to a home fire, the fire chief arrives at the scene and sizes up the situation. He proceeds to break down the front door and throws in the FIT-5, a discus-like device that emits an environmentally safe aerosolized fire-suppressing powder that within 15 seconds brings the room from more than 1,000 degrees to less than 300 degrees.

December 8, 2008 
By ARA Safety

When the apparatus arrives, the team can safely enter and extinguish the flames, preventing the fire from causing further damage to the home. The FIT-5 is a powerful new fire knockdown tool that effective in helping area firefighters control fires to save lives.

Usable on all three classes of fire, ARA Safety’s FIT-5 (FIT stands for Fire Interruption Technology) can fully extinguish a fire within a room as large as 2100 cubic feet. The FIT-5 drastically decreases the amount of water the fire department needs to put out the fire, minimizing fire damage.

A video sampling of the FIT-5 in use is available at   
Red Deer Emergency Services in Alberta has provided five of its stations with seven FIT-5 devices in a six-month trial. It will serve as a case study to showcase the FIT-5’s effectiveness in lessening fire-related losses and illustrate how it can provide critical support to fire departments looking for a new way to approach fighting fires. ARA Safety Inc. is based in Vancouver. For details, visit 

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