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Rosenbauer releases aerial ladder tactical simulator

September 24, 2019  By FFIC Staff

Sept. 24, 2019, Leonding, Austria – Rosenbauer rolled out a new aerial ladder tactical simulator. The portable simulator system stows away in an aluminum box. It consists of laptops, VR goggles, two joysticks and the control console from the aerial ladder.  A trainer operates the computer and VR technology and plays the different scenarios. The trainee stands in the middle of the room, wears the VR goggles and controls an aerial ladder using two joysticks or the control console. Within the space, the trainee can move about or teleport virtually.

A possible training scenario might be: Identify the scene of the emergency in a virtual city, choose the correct approach and location and position the aerial ladder there to rescue a person on the correct floor. The trainer is able to specify different instructor objects using the smart model library and complicate the setup conditions with virtual parked cars, manhole covers, trees, power lines or other obstacles. The virtual aerial ladder has the exact same characteristics as the original, the Rosenbauer-xs.

After the virtual assignment, the exercise can be reproduced and discussed with the trainee. The system also allows the creation of scoring maps for the certification of machinists.

All Rosenbauer simulators are available for rental or purchase.


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