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Can Your RMS Do This? How to Pick the Software That’s Right for Your Agency

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June 1, 2024 in Features
By Vector Solutions

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The effectiveness of your department is directly correlated to the preparedness of its members.

Dynamic training, apparatus and equipment readiness, and coordinated assignments are all critical components to ensure your most important asset—your people—have everything they need to achieve the best possible outcome.

Navigating Complexities in Fire Department Software Selection

While indispensable, RMS software that fire departments rely on often poses significant resource demands on the technology provider, which can result in less effective training, shift scheduling, and asset management offerings.

Don’t get fooled by the elusive ‘one-stop-shop’ promise of a single platform that can run your entire operation.

Vector Solutions offers a variety of industry-leading software solutions for the fire service to boost training and personnel operational management efficiencies and effectiveness.

When evaluating fire department software solutions, consider the following key factors to ensure you select the right software that will keep your crews safe, prepared, and effective.

Sophisticated Fire Department Training Software

Your chosen learning and training management solution should simplify training planning and delivery while optimizing insights and streamlining reporting processes.

Look for functionality that enables you to:

  • Easily load and deliver your own training in various formats (videos, PowerPoint presentations, images, Word documents, etc.).
  • Leverage pre-loaded fire, EMS, OSHA, HR and other quality online continuing education.
  • Develop custom training tracks for simplified delivery and tracking of bundled training or compliance tasks with automated alerts and real-time progress bars.
  • Digitize task books and other skill sheets and capture photos and videos of live skill evaluations.
  • Disseminate new and updated policies and capture acknowledgement.
  • Create and manage in-person training and events with online registration and attendance monitoring.
  • Access at-a-glance dashboards for quick admin insights and generate comprehensive reporting to validate training and easily identify gaps.

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Vector LMS, TargetSolutions Edition offers these essential training management capabilities, enabling fire departments to save administrative time, enhance training efficiency and compliance, and centralize all training activities in one platform.


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Introducing Vector Evaluations+: A Mobile Skills Assessment Solution

Vector Evaluations+ is a live skills assessment mobile app launching in Canada later this year. This powerful tool, integrated with Vector LMS, makes it faster and easier to document, review, and assess hands-on evaluations.

Digitize task books and skill sheets, capture photos and videos, enable real-time performance review and feedback, automatically record completed assessments in Vector LMS, monitor skill trends, and more for 360-degree training insights.


Automated, Agency-Based Shift Scheduling for Mobile Workforces

Complex shift scheduling in the fire service requires a flexible solution that can quickly pivot to meet rapidly changing coverage needs, enforce overtime rules and other staffing policies, and keep crews aligned and informed with mobile access to scheduling updates and critical communications.

Ensure the scheduling solution you are vetting can:

  • Expedite callbacks with custom qualifiers and rules to automate filling open shifts with available and qualified personnel.
  • Support your crews with 24/7 access to check the schedule, respond to overtime callbacks, request time off, trade shifts, and get push notifications on a mobile app that offers the same feature-rich functionality as the web app.
  • Provide admins with at-a-glance staffing count insights to quickly identify coverage gaps and shift resources.
  • Leverage highly customizable scheduler views with the ability to drag-and-drop assignments and filter for specific scheduling details.
  • Automate FLSA overtime and other accrual tracking and recording.
  • Generate exportable detailed staffing reports to simplify payroll processes and justify additional resource requests.


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Vector Scheduling can help reduce the burden of managing dynamic scheduling needs while empowering on-the-go crews with essential access to scheduling updates and actions in the palm of their hands.


Streamlined Inspections and Asset Management for Web and Mobile

Knowing the status and location of every apparatus, piece of equipment, and inventory item is critical for the preparedness of your crews. Ensuring that routine truck checks and equipment inspections are scheduled and completed on time, repair requests are properly routed, and all supplies are tracked and accounted for can be an overwhelming demand on fire departments without the right tool.

Essential asset management functionality to keep a look out for includes:

  • Cradle-to-grave PPE tracking of every event from procurement through cleanings and disposal.
  • Simplified checks and inspections with customizable checklists and access to a robust checklist library.
  • A native mobile app to expedite performing checks, inspections, counts, and monitoring assets across the department from anywhere.
  • At-a-glance dashboards for administrative insight into inspection statuses, maintenance workflows, apparatus downtime, and inventory levels.

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You can find all these capabilities and more in Vector Check It. With a mobile app and intuitive, user-friendly interface, you can simplify and centralize asset management with one solution.


Top-Notch Customer Support without Hidden Fees

Beyond purpose-built solutions, it is essential for any vendor to provide access to unlimited customer support to ensure users fully optimize their software.

Vector Solutions’ stellar customer support teams ensures initial and ongoing success for fire departments with a dedicated customer success manager, 24/7 access to online resources, and virtual and in-person training opportunities at no extra cost.

Request a demo to learn more about Vector Solutions’ suite of training and personnel operational management solutions for the fire service.


Vector Solutions for Fire & EMS is the industry leader in training and workforce management technology that enables Fire and Rescue Departments to meet their demanding training, compliance, and preparedness objectives. The Vector Solutions public safety suite of products includes software for training management, policy distribution, personnel scheduling, critical incident and exposure tracking, and promoting a positive department culture. Its online course library includes more than 450 hours of fire department training with 250+ hours of approved EMS recertification courses. Trusted by 10,000 public safety agencies and 2 million first responders, Vector’s purpose-built technology streamlines the full lifecycle of personnel management because readiness saves lives. For more information about Vector Solutions for Fire & EMS, visit

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