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TFT releases new high rise kits

May 19, 2020 
By FFIC Staff

Credit: Task Force Tips

Task Force Tips has introduced new High Rise Kits that help eliminate cumbersome hose line setups and allow for easy visibility of the supply pressure at the standpipe.

The kits include a heavy duty duffel bag, 2.5” angled waterway with in-line pressure gauge (valved and no valve options can be specified), two spanner wrenches, 2.5” x 1.5” reducer for use with a 1.5” coupled hose off of the TFT high rise solution, and 1.5” x 2.5” increase for break and extend hose operations off of a ball valve shutoff.

TFT’s standpipe valve solution is configurable at the time of order. The valve can be customized for a valve handle on the left or right or even spec no internal valve and utilize it as a standpipe elbow with pressure gauge. Unlike competitors’ solutions, it’s a one-piece solution that you don’t have to piecemeal together from three or four pieces. Simply connect the one-piece TFT high rise valve and it’s ready to go.


For users that spec the valve version, TFT’s unique half ball design is included, allowing for easy valve movement under pressure to fine tune the desired supply pressure. The valve will not slam shut under pressure and the half ball allows for a true, 2.5 inch unobstructed waterway.

The one-piece angled waterway swivels 360 degrees and directs the hose away from the standpipe and the wall. This allows for a simple, universal connection that works for almost any situation and reduces the chance of hose kinks. The angled waterway also has a protected, encased, large display pressure gauge to easily read the pressure off the standpipe. An air bleeder is also integrated to bleed the air from the water supply.

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