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The 9-11 photo gallery

Winnipeg firefighter Jay Shaw, a regular contributor to Fire Fighting in Canada, was in New York City for the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Jay and his travel companions, Winnipeg firefighter Phil Kennedy and Calgary firefighter Darren Tomczak, toured the city, visited fire halls, met dozens of Canadians firefighters in New York to pay tribute to the 343 firefighters lost on 9-11, and had experiences they will never forget. Read Jay’s blog on our home page.

September 12, 2011 
By Carey Fredericks

image001 image003
Jay's red bandanna, given to him by parents of Welles Crowther, at the Ten house wall.    The new WTC 1.

image002 image004
 Inside the WTC tribute museum.  The new WTC 1.

image005 image006
 The blocked-off site of the 9-11 memorial.  Family members at the footprint of the south tower pond.

image008 image009
 The WTC tribute museum.  The vision of the new site.

image007 image011
A piece of steel from the WTC inside the WTC tribute museum.  At the Ten House wall.

image013 image014
FDNY truck with the names of the 343 firefighters who died, outside the WTC tribute museum. Trubute to Welles Crowther at the WTC tribute museum.

image016 image010
Ten truck, at the hall directly behind Ground Zero.  The Fire Fighting in Canada/Firehall banner at the memorial.

image017 image018
 Winnipeg firefighter Phil Kennedy in New York City with the World Trade Centre spotlights behind him.  Downtown Manhattan.

image020 image021
Spotlights representing the World Trade Center.  Times Square.

image001 photo1
Canadian firefighters Phil Kennedy (left), Darren Tomczak and Jay Shaw in front of the 9-11 memorial wall in New York City. Jay is blogging from the events marking the 10th anniversary of 9-11. Photo by Jay Shaw.  

photo2 photo5
  Fire Fighting in Canada blogger and Winnipeg firefighter Jay Shaw (second from left) with FDNY firefighters in New York on Saturday. The Fire Fighting in Canada/ banner, signed by FDNY firefighters, will be brought back to Canada with Shaw and his travel companions, Winnipeg firefighter Phil Kennedy and Calgary firefighter Darren Tomczak.

image003 image004
FDNY piper Kevin O’Connor of the Emerald Society during Friday night’s ceremonies. Photo by Jay Shaw.  

image005 image006
Calgary firefighter Darren Tomczak and the Statue of Liberty. Photo by Jay Shaw. Firefighters from FDNY Engine 44 with Winnipeg firefighter Phil Kennedy (right) in New York on Saturday. Photo by Jay Shaw.

image008 image011
   New York City skyline. Photo by Jay Shaw.

image009 image012
The Fire Fighting in Canada crew in New York. The Saks Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan replaced its usual window displays with a black cloth listing the names of all of the victims of 9-11, including Welles Crowther, whose parents Jay met a day earlier. Photo by Jay Shaw.

photo7 photo12
Markham, Ont., firefighters Blair Gallant and Colin Francis in New York City on Saturday, with the Fire Fighting in Canada memorial banner. Photo by Jay Shaw.  Memorial billboard in Brooklyn. Photo by Jay Shaw.

photo8 photo10
Hundreds of New York City firefighters attend a prayer service Saturday at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City to honour the 343 FDNY firefighters who died on 9-11. Fire Fighting in Canada correspondent Jay Shaw captured the sombre parade. Photo by Jay Shaw.  


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