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The Art of Reading Smoke

artofreadingsmokeApril 19, 2011 – Smoke issuing from a building is often the only clue available to predict fire behaviour and the likelihood of a flashover or rapid fire spread. First-arriving officers must read smoke before choosing attack tactical priorities. Incident commanders and safety officers must know how to rapidly read smoke in order to keep firefighters within an acceptable risk-profile. In The Art of Reading Smoke, an educational DVD, instructor Dave Dodson explains:

• why it’s important to read smoke
• the advanced basics of reading smoke
• hostile fire events and warning signs
• the process of reading smoke
• tricks and shortcuts

The video also includes several practice examples that are shown twice to test your smoke-reading abilities. For more information, or to purchase this product, visit the Firehall Bookstore.

April 19, 2011  By Fire Fighting in Canada

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