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Toddler rescued from hot car in Toronto

July 20, 2015, Toronto - Two parents were quick to act after realizing they had locked their toddler in a car in Toronto's west-end on Sunday.

Toronto Fire District Chief Stephan Powell said the car was parked in the shade, when the parents realized they had left their keys in the car and their spare set in the child's diaper bag in the back seat.

Firefighters responded just before 9 a.m. and were ready to break the window of the car, when a tow truck driver arrived with a specialized tool and unlocked the door.

Powell says the child, who is about two years old, was OK, but upset at being separated from the parents. He says the child was in the car for about 15 minutes and the temperature outside was about 25 C.

He says the parents "did everything they could'' by thinking fast and calling emergency crews and a tow truck, adding the incident was largely due to "carelessness.''

Powell called it "a very happy ending,'' adding no one should be left in cars because the inside can heat up "tremendously'' in hot weather.

"Parents are often quite tired having children and so forth it's just one of those things,'' he said. "You get out, and maybe the other parent thought they had the key ... their followup on it was exactly what should have been done.''

July 20, 2015  By The Canadian Press

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