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Township of Tiny receives superior tanker shuttle service accreditation

November 17, 2022 
By FFIC Staff

Photo credit: Township of Tiny

Nov. 17, 2022, Township of Tiny, Ont. — The Ontario township of Tiny’s fire and emergency services department successfully achieved the Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) rating accreditation for superior tanker shuttle service. The superior tanker shuttle service is a recognized equivalency to hydrant protection and must be renewed every five years.

To achieve this accreditation, the fire department completed FUS tests to show that it can continuously provide water supplies that meet the minimum requirements. Receiving the accreditation means that the fire department demonstrated the ability to transport water to rural fire scenes.

“This certification confirms the level of service available to our residents. The Township of Tiny Fire and Emergency Services Department is pleased to have received this accreditation as an example of our commitment to providing excellent fire protection,” said Dave Flewelling, fire chief and director for the town.

Achievements of the accreditation include: a flow rate minimum of 950 LPM, maintaining the flow of water for two hours uninterrupted, and the test site must be within eight kilometers of the fire station(s) and at least five kilometers from the water fill site where the tankers are reloaded. To be accredited, fire department access to alternative water supplies must be 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.



According to the FUS grading requirements, the fire departments’ personal lines insurance must be able to deliver a flow rate of more than 950 LPM (200 IGPM) within five minutes of arriving at the test site with the first major piece of apparatus. For commercial lines insurance, the fire department must be able to deliver a flow rate of more than 1900 LPM (400 IGPM) within five minutes of arriving at the test site with the first major piece of apparatus.

The accreditation provides a potential reduction in insurance premiums to residents located within eight kilometers of a fire station and five kilometers of an approved water source, in the town.

“Congratulations to the five fire stations within the township of Tiny on their superior tanker shuttle service accreditation,” said mayor George Cornell, in a news statement. “Tiny appreciates the commitment and effort of the fire service personnel in our community and the essential support they provide to residents in the event of a fire and other emergencies.”

Five fire stations within the township of Tiny received the accreditation, including:

  • 817 County Road 6 South, Wyevale
  • 384 Lafontaine Road West, Lafontaine
  • 7 Toanche Trail, North West Basin (Toanche)
  • 8186 County Road 93, Wyebridge
  • 2020 Tiny Beaches Road South, Woodland Beach

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