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February 23, 2023 at 11:00am ET


Vector Electric Fire Truck

100% Electric Power. Enduring Performance.

Energize your firefighting capabilities and protect your crews and the environment from air and noise pollution with VectorTM, the first North American-style fully electric fire truck. With the most powerful, longest-lasting battery performance on the market, this truck drives and pumps on electric power only—able to conduct 100% of ground duties with 100% electric. Customizable to meet your needs, Vector answers the call with cleaner, quieter operation.


Developed with technology partner Emergency One Group LTD—maker of the world’s first EV fire truck—this apparatus packs 327 kWh of proven automotive-grade batteries to deliver the longest electric pumping duration in the industry.

  • Performs 100% of fire ground duties, 100% electrical.
  • Delivers unrivaled performance, range and efficiency.
  • Electric motor takes the place of the diesel engine, driving the pump or the rear axle in normal split shaft operation.
  • Two to six times more battery power featuring high-capacity batteries with 327 kWh of total power, providing the longest electric pumping duration in the industry.
  • Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) keeps the EV batteries at optimal temperature for best performance.
  • Up to 1250 GPM (4739 LPM) pump capacity with NFPA/ULC all-electric certification.
  • 1500 GPM (5680 LPM) or higher certification with range extender operation.
  • 530 gal. (2000 L) water/foam tank

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