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Nederman Magna System

Firefighters face many health risks including exposure to diesel exhaust within the station. Left unchecked, vehicle exhaust fumes migrate throughout the apparatus bays and into office or living spaces, negatively impacting the health, performance and well-being of first responders. Diesel exhaust is considered a Group 1 carcinogen by global health and safety organizations including NIOSH, OSHA and WHO.

Nederman is the Clean Air Company and a global leader in protecting people, planet and workplaces from the harmful effects of indoor air pollution, including emergency vehicle exhaust, for over 75 years. Create clean air for your station with a reliable and safe diesel exhaust extraction system designed to fit your station’s unique needs. Our clean air experts will help you find the right solution for your station’s needs for speed, frequency of runs, maintenance requirements and more.

Nederman Magna Systems reliably capture 100% of dangerous diesel exhaust emissions with source capture technology that prevents fumes from traveling throughout the station. Exhaust fumes are removed right at the tailpipe – the most efficient method.

Our system design supports ergonomic attachments and quick-release when speed is required for fast station exits. Magna Systems have no coiled hoses or loops and saves space between trucks.

Nederman’s wide variety of product solutions are trusted at thousands of fire stations around the world with high quality construction and exceptional performance that maximized protection. Nederman’s broad range of solutions enables us to customize the right system for your unique station needs through system design, installation, operation and service. Contact the clean air experts to design a solution to fit your specific needs.

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