Fire Fighting in Canada

Equipment Wildfire Week
Wildfire fighting with utility vehicles

March 30, 2021 
By Tony Stanley, Business Development, Polaris Government & Defense

When fighting wildfires, efficiency, agility and safety are critical for success. And the equipment used can make or break response – especially when navigating across rugged and often treacherous terrain. Traditional fire response equipment does not typically have the off-road capabilities or compact footprint needed to respond to fires in wildlife areas, national parks and many local parks. To boost capabilities, fire departments are turning to alternative vehicles, such as side by sides.

Playing a significant role in fighting wildfires, off-road utility vehicles (UTVs) ensure departments can reach areas with limited access, and travel over debris and harsh terrain without worry. Key tasks include fire prevention – including control burn, fire watch, fire break maintenance and upkeep – as well as fire response, personnel and equipment transport, search and rescue and disaster relief.

Side by sides can get personnel in and out of hot zones efficiently and safely. Side by sides with enclosed cabs can also be equipped with heat and air conditioning allowing the vehicle to be used year-round in any climate, all while keeping occupants safe from harsh weather, as well as from wildfire debris. Side by sides with open cabs provide easy ingress and egress, increasing firefighting efficiency and agility. Tracks also can be added in replacement of the wheels to further increase capability through steep and rugged terrain.

Side by sides designed specifically for firefighting have the added benefit of ensuring a department is ready to go at a moment’s notice.



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