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Climate Proof Canada urges action following national adaptation strategy release

June 28, 2023 
By Climate Proof Canada

Climate Proof Canada congratulates the federal government on the official release of the country’s first National Adaptation Strategy and the Government of Canada Adaptation Action Plan. Both documents were released when the nation’s capital has been enveloped in wildfire smoke in recent days. The press conference in Vancouver included announcements by three federal Cabinet ministers: the Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, the Honourable Bill Blair, Minister of Emergency Preparedness and the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources.

Jason Clark, chair of Climate Proof Canada, attended the Vancouver event alongside coalition members, and emphasized, “The inclusion of targets makes the National Adaptation Strategy a world-leading effort. With wildfires and flooding across the country in recent weeks, the programming to achieve those targets now needs to be funded as a collaboration between all orders of government and the private sector.”

Now, more than ever, federal and provincial governments need to make a focused effort to fully fund the implementation of the National Adaptation Strategy so that we can make tangible progress toward the targets, better prepare for the present and growing effects of climate change, and build a more disaster-resilient country.

Canadians are currently facing increased wildfires, floods, hurricanes, wind and hailstorms which are all being amplified by climate change as identified, in part, in the federal government’s own National Risk Profile assessment. Climate Proof Canada advocated for targets over the past 18 months to define the measurable progress needed to defend Canadians from these events in the near future. As an immediate example, this wildfire season, is affecting Canadians from coast to coast with thousands suffering the direct impacts of evacuations and property losses, while millions are experiencing the damaging respiratory effect of inhaling wildfire smoke.


Funding announced in November 2022 means Canada can jump-start implementation of the National Adaptation Strategy. This represents a “down payment” of $1.6 billion, including needed investment in the Green Municipal Fund. Federal Budget 2023 built on this start by announcing an additional $98.2 million to establish a national flood insurance program and modernize the Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements program.

Significant further investment is needed to deliver on the strategy, given Canadians are now facing losses that surpass $5 billion per year. Rapid implementation of the National Adaptation Strategy will enhance economic competitiveness by strengthening resilience.

This is why Climate Proof Canada is collaborating with federal officials to host the National Adaptation Summit Series of policy workshops this summer. The Summit Series will develop programmatic and investment recommendations to drive adaptation in five areas: adapting to extreme heat, resilient-built infrastructure, evaluating natural infrastructure, Indigenous resilience and building a climate-resilient home rating system. The Summit Series will culminate in Ottawa on October 2, when Climate Proof Canada will convene a gathering of business executives, thought leaders and policy experts to meet with Cabinet ministers and senior members of Parliament to demonstrate economy-wide support for climate adaptation policy and rapid, tangible progress through implementation of the National Adaptation Strategy.

This special Climate Proof Canada event aims to spur on momentum on the eve of the international  Adaptation Futures conference in Montreal, which officially opens on October 3, where Canada will welcome the world to advance climate adaptation measures.

We need to act now. Climate Proof Canada looks forward to working with all orders of government, Indigenous Peoples and the private sector to support this critical undertaking.

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